My firm designs cultured culinary affairs, luxury lifestyle experiences and distinctive modern interiors with curated and/or custom furnishings, accessories and fine art.

We connect dots that others can’t see to bring rhythm, beauty, structure and harmony to the unknown to create designs that are multi-sensory compositions of soul, style and space. These results and solutions are seeped in our award-winning understanding of branding and design principles that weave together all disciplines.

Commission me to guide you on your journey to achieve definitive results in your unique, individual voice. Authenticity is today’s luxury. Contact me.


Yvette Craddock Designs’ signature experiences are savvy, strategic and immersive events that serve as the framework to connect commerce, culture and creativity with customers. They ignite all of the senses, garner the element of surprise and are consciously curated to drive business.

Commission YCD to craft your culinary, real estate, hospitality or social experiences that will that create memories in your unique, individual voice. Contact us today.


A beautifully decorated table is the foundation for celebrating friends, family and associates over delicious food and libations. Even though every meal is an opportunity to surround yourself in beauty, the holiday season is perfect for time for showcasing a sensational table.

It is as easy as purchasing one of my modern, sophisticated risers or to commission me to create a custom setting. Examples are here. Follow me on social media for weekly, original place settings.