About Yvette Craddock

Founder + Design Director

My life is a fluid and curious exploration of the intersection of beauty, art, design and intellect. It is an ongoing pursuit of inspiration and revelation. My path has been the same – centered on communication and creativity – but the manifestation of its purpose has blossomed as life has unfolded before me.

I grew up studying the arts including drawing, painting, craft, music and dance as well as immersing myself in academic success. I am a left- and right-brain introvert who enjoys life through a multi-dimensional, high-definition color lens with Dolby stereo sound. My ideas flow in layered visions of words and images infused with a spectrum of emotion. I remain passionate about creativity and its influence on helping navigate life and understand bigger life concepts. I find understanding life on an individual and collective level through the context of various cultures fascinating. These topics have always spoken to my mind and heart.

My career began in the Fortune 500 International Business corporate environment in L.A.  One day an opportunity to work in the home furnishings industry for a modern design innovator surfaced. After accepting that experience my life changed and launched my marketing career. After investing years in my entrepreneurial marketing career, representing global brands in health, fitness, finance and beauty,  life-changing events help me to more deeply reconnect to my heart. This fusion of self has guided me to transition to a conscious-based business that provides others resources for the development of soul-centered individuality and guides them to intentionally live on purpose.

How Did I Get Here?

Nearly seven years ago, I made a conscious decision to begin a transformative life and business journey. At that time, the details were unknown. However, I knew unequivocally that my decision was necessary. It became a soul matter of life and death. After nearly seven years of a tumultuous chapter in my life (fodder for a book), I have connected all of the dots of these different pathways that I have explored on this journey to embark on launching a new brand that is the culmination of me.  That decision has been the catalyst for new work in my entrepreneurial journey and the foundation for this site.

My Service Desire

My desire is to be of service in helping people make connections that are more meaningful in life; personally and professionally. Those connections start with knowing yourself and having the strength and courage to be that authentic person everyday and in every situation so that you can live an inspiring life on purpose.

Media Accolades

My background includes being a trusted media guest and talent having appeared on multiple ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX stations as well as BET and TLC networks. My published writings along with personal business profiles have been featured in magazines such as Allure, Arizona Informant, bizAZ, Century City Chronicle, Charlotte STYLE, Create, InStyle, Latina, Modern Luxury Interiors Scottsdale, Phoenix Business Journal, Phoenix Magazine, Razor, Scottsdale Life, Scottsdale Magazine, Southwest Graphics, Success Magazine, The Arizona Republic, The Gazette, The Tribune, Today’s Arizona Woman, Working Wardrobe and more.


  • Achievement Award for Episodic TV Series
  • Master Wordsmith of the Southwest Award in Create Magazine’s editor’s choice awards
  • International The Communicator Awards (ITCA) of Distinction for various campaigns
  • Top 10 List 2007 Ranking Arizona: The Best of Arizona Business “Small Advertising Agencies”
  • International The Communicator Awards (ITCA) of Distinction for various campaigns
  • International The Communicator Awards (ITCA) of Distinction for various campaigns
  • Logo Lounge Volume 4 Book
  • International The Communicator Awards (ITCA) of Distinction for various campaigns
  • AMA Spectrum Award for New Product or Service Campaign
  • Association of International Graphic Artists (AIGA) Prism Award for Logo Design

Keynotes | Presentations | Panels | MC
Ad Club 2
Arizona Aesthetics Association
Advertising Federation of CR-IA
American Marketing Association
Arizona Black Film Showcase Panelist
Arizona Public Service
Arizona Small Business Association
Arizona State University
Arizona Women in Education and Empowerment
Arizona Women Networking Symposium
Business & Professional Women in Business
CR Public Relations Association
Chicanos Por La Causa
City of Phoenix
Club E
Collins College
Cornell College
Diversity Focus Annual Meeting
Gannett Company, Inc
Greater Cedar Rapids Homebuilder’s Association
HomeSmart Realty Corporate & Regional Offices
Iowa City Area of Realtors Association
Landlocked Film Festival
Mt. Mercy University
National Assoc. of Black Engineers
Prof. Women’s Network
Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce
WEMAR Real Estate
Women Entrepreneur’s Small Business Bootcamp

Design is a soul conversation. Allow me to visually translate yours.

Yvette Craddock

Our Mission

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