Examples and case studies of multi-sensory, experiential luxury lifestyle experiences.

Experience Case Study: Summertime Broker’s Open Block Party

According to national statistics, the housing market continues to trend upward with pre-2007 levels in price, value and demand. However, even in the most robust markets, homes between $350,000 to a few million need a bit more creative marketing to raise awareness and drive interest.

My firm specializes in exceptional experiential events and frequently works with members of the real estate community. In the most recent, custom experience, NexTitle secured my firm to create a five-house home tour that I created into a good ol’ fashioned Block Party.

Each house was given a theme that reflected the home’s best assets. Attendees receive video, email and social media invitations, announcements and updates that showcased the homes, but only disclosed one address. The tour start home was the main point of registration,

Promotional Video



Every experience needs to be branded for the

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Distinctive, experiential events are my firm’s expertise. If you need to drive more traffic to your business, raise your profile and create an opportunity to interact more directly with your target audience, click here to begin the conversation.


Transitional Modern Luxury Lifestyle Experience

The influences of contemporary and modern architectural styles are the foundation of new, luxury custom-built properties in the storied Paradise Valley community in the metro Phoenix area. This town has a significant number of rambling Mediterranean influenced estates enshrouded in lush desert landscaping intermixed with new contemporary builds and a few unsavory homes poised for destruction. Most brokers and agents are vying for the competitive affluent market dollar to attract attention to their clients’ multimillion dollar estates.

Yvette Craddock Designs provides these professionals with custom, multi-sensory luxury lifestyle experiences that reflect a property’s brand and serve as an accurate representation and extension of the target buyer’s lifestyle. As I mentioned earlier this year,  distinctive experiences are essential to increase awareness and place properties at the top-of-mind for industry players. My experiences include luxury interior touches and the integration of key product and service brands that speak to the style and quality of the affluent customer and the influencers who participate in their lifestyle choices.

Yvette Craddock Designs was privileged to work with Dan Gonen, Associate Broker of RE/MAX Excalibur in Scottsdale, to launch his client’s transitional modern new build to the community.

This magnificent, transitional modern masterpiece of 7,037 square feet is a work of art. Every element, from the finishes to quality materials, has been designed and hand-crafted with extraordinary attention to detail.

The ultra-comfortable split-floor plan has 5 en-suite bedrooms, bonus room & 6-1/2 bathrooms with designer fixtures & finishes. The main living areas have soaring 17’ ceilings. The living room hosts an 8’ custom, granite fireplace. The great room houses a refrigerated wine wall for 546 bottles and its sliding pocket doors open to a negative-edge pool with a swim-up bar, spa and fire pits. The kitchen has Thermador appliances, satin-finished stone counters and deep pantry. The luxurious master suite has 2 walk-in closets, flex space, private patio and a unique custom-built 12’ h x 12’, 3-sided glass shower and steam room with a pivot door in the spa bathroom. The side-gated entry opens to 4 oversized garage spaces and access to a private courtyard. There is a RV gated entrance.

Here’s a recap of how nearly 150 people showed up on a toasty desert night full of competing events.


Design is everything. Identifying and defining a home’s brand is essential in creating marketing materials. The colors, lines, fonts and style should all visually articulate the architecture and interiors of a home. It is confusing for the customer to receive mixed messages which happens quite often. A contemporary home’s marketing messages are rarely expressed in a script or serif font.

In this example, I used linear details to mimic the home’s design lines while featuring key colors that are part of the materials such as flooring, tile, wall paper and glass that appear in the house.


The invitation features the home, address, MLS number, Broker’s photograph and contact information as well as the date, time and R.S.V.P. information. It is important to create a sense of urgency and make the online reservation process as easy as possible.

It is important to use all methods of digital communication to strategically promote the event without alienating any list recipients.


A curated list of sponsors were approached and secured to reinforce nearly all transaction features, design details and top lifestyle components based upon significant design features. These include: the custom 546 bottle wine wall, negative edge spa/pool with swim-up bar, exquisite design of the 6-1/2 bathrooms including the master bathroom 12′ x 12′, 3-sided shower/steam room with a pivot door and custom granite benches, flooring and ceiling room.


Although the house was staged, some of the finishes, scale and other details were not to scale or quality of the house. Plus, some rooms were empty.  Therefore, I was able to stage three of those rooms with Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams‘ elegant furniture, Design Within Reach‘s modern outdoor furniture, L’Occitane natural beauty products and fine art by Daniel Prendergast and Diane Silver. All sponsors have a strong local presence in the upscale space and community participation. I secured Wines for Humanity for their classy service of wine selection, wine advisor and conscious capitalistic approach to donating to local charities including the event’s official non-profit and their chosen one to support the elimination of homeless families and hungry children.

A custom-written story provided additional exposure to each sponsors with post-event raffle drawing wrap ups.


Music plays a key role in events and this one was no different. DJSirPlus, a seasoned DJ with music industry touring credentials, played a mix of Euro Chill, R&B, house and old school Vegas jams. To showcase the exquisite pool, I secured Scottsdale Synchro to provide surprise performances and to raise funds for their organization. One of the young ladies is on her way to the Pan American Games to represent the local team and the U.S.A. We were so excited and proud of her as all team members. The guests were absolutely mesmerized.


All sponsors and participants receive thank you notes to emphasize how much their participation contributed to the overall success. A recap video is provided for prosperity.

Contact YCD here to commission the firm’s talents for your upcoming real estate, social and/or culinary event.

Exclusive Million Dollar Listing Lifestyle Experience

Million dollar listings seem to be far more frequent in today’s national real estate marketplace. Each listing, especially in certain parts of the country, requires a unique approach to market the listing to the industry and affluent buyers. It is essential to differientiate it from the other multi-million dollar listings vying for buyers.

Establishing this competitive advantage is where Yvette Craddock Designs excels.

The real estate market typically hosts exclusive Broker’s Opens that brokers, agents and other influential industry affiliates attend. Some times as few as five people show up. An open that attracts about 50 guests is considered very successful. On April 5, 2017, over 300 brokers, agents and industry affiliate partners attended the invitation-only Paradise Valley lifestyle experience.

As we see in the retail environment, what worked before no longer is sustainable for any industry. In order to reach today’s busy and fragmented target customer, new approaches to reaching their minds and hearts are necessary.  The manner in which people buy homes, furniture, source financing as well as other products and services is more word-of-mouth, by referral and in unexpected places. That is exactly what this experience accomplished.


Design is always a creative advantage. We designed collateral that marketed both the house and the event. We carried this aesthetic throughout all visual and written communication. We designed a series of evites, social media banners, a web site, posters, programs and brochures. I also designed and implemented a pre- and post-event social media campaign. A targeted public relations campaign garnered the two interviews below.


A curated list of sponsors were approached about participating in the event to showcase their products and services to the influential invitation-only list. Sponsors were able to provide drawing items in addition to adding marketing inserts in swag bags that attendees received at the end of the evening.


Everything I design has a multi-sensory element. This philosophy carried over to the event with the perfect mood music, food prepared by a chef on-site (a first in the market), lighting, furniture and overall ambiance. The environment was upscale yet warm, approachable and facilitated  valuable networking between the guests.

Here are some of the highlights from the event:


YvetteCraddockDesigns-PVEvite-1      YvetteCraddockDesigns-PVEvite-2   PVBrochure_11x17.indd    PVBrochure_11x17.indd

PV_Poster_2.indd    YvetteCraddockDesigns-PVEventPoster    PV_Drawing_!.indd

NBC12 interview can be watched here.

If you would like an award-winning experience for your listing, business or social event, contact us today!

Photography compliments of Simon Photographic.

Graffiti Glam Event Recap

It was a huge success! We had glamorous people and products at the Graffiti Glam: From Urban Grit to Upscale Glam event held on October 6th hosted at Central Arizona Supply.

Thank you to all of our sponsors and participants including Central Arizona Supply, Aquabrass, Refine Rustic, Clay Zapian, Sweet Escape, Jasmine Christine Photography and break dance crew Pocket Change. Modern Luxury Interiors Scottsdale featured these products in their latest issue.

Here are some images and videos recapping the celebration of graffiti art in interior design:

NOTE: Most photographs are the copyright of Jasmine Christine Photography.

Enjoy these snippets of Pocket Change’s break dance performances:

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Group Dining Etiquette from Bars to Buffets

One of our greatest joys is to celebrate life moments surrounded by food and friends. Whether we celebrate casually or formally, good manners are essential. After designing and working hundreds of events from restaurants to large group functions, I’m inspired to share some key dining etiquette tips to make sure everyone enjoys both food and friends:

Appetizer Platters or Offerings

Appetizer platters at restaurants or bars usually come with some side plates, utensils and napkins. What is usually missing is a serving utensil. If this is the case and you have a large group, ask for a serving utensil or designate one clean utensil that the entire group can use for food service.

Here’s a real story to help illustrate this point. There was a group of professionals, including an ER physician, who met up to enjoy some libations and appetizers including a large bowl of guacamole. When the guacamole bowl arrived, the ER doctor dug into the guacamole with his fingers and knuckles to scoop up a large portion for his plate. Do you still have your appetite? Probably not. Listen, we love our friends, but there is a limit to what we should and can accept when serving ourselves in a group. Let’s keep the spirit of celebration high with equally high etiquette and sanitation standards for everyone.

Passed Hors D’oeuvres

Passed hors d’oeuvres, aka appetizers, give guests a range of tastes with a traditional touch of semi-personal service. Some passed hors d’oeuvres are offered on a stick and/or with an accompanying dip. It is acceptable to pick up the food with your hands and use the provided utensil to drizzle the dip over the food. At times, it may make sense to skip the utensil and just dip your food directly into the dish. Remember, if you touch it, it is yours!

If you choose to partake of these types of hors d’oeuvres, please note that it is not appropriate to put your used stick on the serving platter after consuming the food or double dip your food in the accompanying condiment. If you put your stick back on the serving platter, you’ve contaminated the entire platter and the rest of the food for other guests. Therefore it is best to keep your sticks to yourself, find a trash receptacle or wait for a server to come your way to gather your trash. This action shows respect and courteous to yourself, guests, host and servers. Contaminated food must be thrown out which could possibly impact the event food supply.

Family Style Dinners

Family style dinners are the type of dining experience that most often happen during holidays. Families and friends sit around a large table to enjoy an abundant banquet of food. The family sits down to eat and the passing of bowls and platters commences. When a platter arrives at your seat, please use the serving utensil and take a moderate portion to ensure that everyone at the table has an opportunity to enjoy each dish. You can always scoop up seconds once the platters circulate.

By the way, always pass to your immediate right first. Yes, the proper way was to pass from your left but this practice has been modernized with counterclockwise movement.

A few other rules of thumb include 1) turn your head and pass food along if you have to sneeze or cough, 2) continue passing if it is not what you desire as long as your guest to your right has free hands to accept the dish and 3) position platters as close to the center of the table to keep food as conveniently accessible to all and uncontaminated as possible.


Ah, the allure of a buffet; all-you-can-eat dining customized to your palate. Buffets are wonderful ways to feed a large group of people in cascading courses and order. However, there are some necessary refreshers to enjoy the buffet while keeping the food safe for you and your fellow event attendees.

  • Use the provided utensils. Do NOT put your fingers, hands, personal utensils or other items in a platter to portion your food.
  • Once you pack your plate, move away from the area. Do not eat or talk over the food or stand next to the buffet blocking the flow. Be excited to see someone, but move the party away from the line.
  • If food falls out of the serving utensils, leave it where it is. Do not put that food back into the serving vessel or on your plate.
  • Try to avoid spilling one type of food into another type’s platter.
  • Avoid placing your trash, dirty plates, glassware or trash on the buffet by the food the group is accessing to eat. Frankly it is gross and tacky. My bet is that neither one of these are your style.
  • If you are short on space, make sure that the buffet is kept away and separate from places where people may eat. For instance, I was at an event where the food was served on the dining room table which was dressed with chairs. Since there was limited seating throughout the space, people choose to sit around the table thus, sitting directly over the food. Well, people sitting at the table were eating, breathing and talking over these platters of food which made the entire set up both unsafe and inappropriate, Keep serving and dining areas separate unless it is a family style dinner.
  • Food needs to be kept at a certain temperature to be safe. Therefore, food on a buffet needs to be rotated to keep the good eats flowing while retaining the integrity of the food.

Although these tips may seem like common sense, these are actual behaviors witnessed by people from all backgrounds, age groups, social structures and education levels. My recommendation for hosts is to hire professional caterers and servers who maintain the quality and integrity of the food in order to prevent unnecessary illness that can arise from the innocent mishandling of food. If you are attending an event, then please do your part and bring back class to these types of celebrations.

Cheers. Bon appétit!

P.S. Wash your hands first and other great reminders delivered in a humorous manner can be found in this video.