It’s that time of the year when the leaves and temperature chill to a slight crisp. It’s the perfect time to switch out our wardrobes and home decor.

Dressing up your interiors to accommodate the colors, mood and temperature of fall involves some simple solutions. Here is my list of five fall favorites:

Color Pops

One of the easiest, fastest and most versatile tricks that I implement to change a vibe is through paint. Paint to me is like an unlimited box of crayons. Try some darker, richer hues to accent a wall, small space or transform an entire room with a seasonal color picks. The opulent, luxurious colors in this palette sum up fall’s strongest selections. Versions of hunter green and yellow round out the dominant hues.



Sharp lemon to buttery yellow colors remind me of the gorgeous colors of changing maple tree leaves when fall summons. These colors dressed in a tactile textile like velvet, leather or suede are ideal for the season. Yellows can be surprising versatile with other colors including the fall color features above.




Some call it crazy and others a borderline addiction. I call it a complete a total passionate love affair with pillows. Pillows are like statement jewelry to your little black dress. Pillows can easily be changed to shift with your color palette, texture desires and the seasons. They can express themselves with pattern, texture and words. Try a few of these pillows on your furniture or bed to add some additional luxury and warmth for the fall season. This Mongolian lamb fur, available in real or faux choices, remain one of my seasonal preference options.


Oversized Throws

An oversized throw equates to an all-day invitation to cuddle. This large, hand knitted style is one of my favorite and can work in casual to transitional decor tastes.


Area Rug

You know you like it. So do millions of other people. The feeling of wriggling your toes and shuffling your feet in a pile of soft shag can feel like a little slice of heaven. Select an area rug with a sense of humor. A vibrant rug in a geometric pattern is a perfect choice to ward off cooler weather  cabin blues.


Of course, you can customize your fall decor with images of nature, holidays and other musings. The foundational key to great design is to honor your individuality and live authentically.



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