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Return to Our Roots – Spring 2015 Home + Fashion Trends

Spring 2015 color and style trends in fashion and interiors showcase a return to our roots as individuals and collectively as a global community. Designs reflect a connection to our ancestral and adoptive cultures while creating a new imprint that reflects our current times. After reviewing a dazzling selection of this season’s trend items (which are so juicy good), I distilled the flurry of trends down to three themes:

Reuse:  the  recycling of furniture and accessories, such as industrial components, to create upscale designs that are also environmentally conscious. This trends is found more often in home interiors.

Retro: vintage, rustic and heritage collectables remain as originally introduced and incorporated into collections or are being revamped with a modern interpretation.

Remix: a combination of design styles from contemporary cosmopolitan to boho chic and everything in between to create dramatic and adventurous individual spaces and wardrobes.

The trends are visually translated into a variety of gorgeous aesthetic options in fabric, embellishment, silhouette, materials and color. What makes this season so exciting is the unexpected and brilliant ways of integrating all of these styles – from regal to rustic, rustic to retro – into harmonious, clever and decadent spaces from our closets to our curios.

Here are some of the stand out trend items and ways you can incorporate them into your beautiful lifestyle:


By now you’ve probably heard Pantone’s announcement of Marsala as the color of the year. Below are some ways to add Marsala to your wardrobe, beauty and home mix.

Every season, Pantone announces the color hues that will dominate the conversation in fashion and interiors. Spring ’15 has a veracious spectrum of vibrant and subdued colors for interiors. Fashion has a more abbreviated chart. Cross over colors include blues, rose, corals, browns and greys. What is especially exciting for Spring is the dynamic, adventurous and decadent combinations of color to create a rich backdrop for individual interpretation. You will see color, shapes and arrangements that are remixed to speak to space and its inhabitants.

MarsalaThierryMugler MarsalaChairsDomainHome MarsalaBeautyEastCoastCreativeBlogMarsalaWalls

Thierry Mugler/Turning Point blog/East Coast Creative blog


Pattern Playground

Patterns are funky, fresh, bizarre and breathtaking. The range of patterns is like being on a playground with an endless assortment of games and activities. Polka dots, stripes of all sizes and directions, grandiose florals and even, gingham is featured in apparel and interior fashions. The range of creative combinations in patterns and colors from rugs to wallpaper, dresses to shoes, make this trend category bold and beautiful.

jonathansaundersrugcompany2015 DriesVanNotenSpring15 KnowlesChristouBramblesWallpaper1AlbertaFerreriSpring15 EDC020115_040BWMartinLawreneceBullard

Jonathan Saunders – The Rug Co/Dries Van Noten/Knowles and Christou/Alberta Ferretti/Sophia Webster/Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Swing Fling

It’s a new century of flapper fabulosity with  modern and edgy sass. You will find fringe on purses, dresses, skirts, pillows and furniture. Keeping in swinging step, tassels are experiencing a resurgence as pillow, drape and furniture accents.  In fashion, you will find tassels added to dresses, jackets in chic and classy ways. Below are a few trend pieces that add great style to your wardrobe and home. Overall, the retro appeal of selections in this category are simultaneously nostalgic and fresh.

012-spring-2015-trends-hippie-AlbertaFerreri McGuireLeatherFringeChairStylecasterShoeTrendTasselsonFurniture-Turningpoint2

Alberta Ferretti/Laura Kirar at McGuire chair/Shoecaster shoes


Rustic/Modern Glam

The tree that fell in the woods continues to be reclaimed and reborn into  exquisite pieces of furniture. The merger of rustic elements with contemporary design is showing up in showrooms everywhere. Keep your eyes open for handmade treasures by craftspeople who work with reclaimed materials. These tables are some of the most intriguingly beautiful pieces that captured my attention.


Brabbu furniture (first two images)

Metal Mania

Brass is back baby. That ‘90’s trim that saturated facets and countertops is back on top as the metal du jour. Show those pennies from heaven a little bit more respect, because copper is a close second as one of the season’s favorite design metals from flatware to lighting. Look for a full mix of metals for furniture to tableware, fabric to jewelry. One visually interesting design trend is the integration of metals and woods in geometric and organic shapes for distinctive statement pieces (as shown above).



Tom Dixon lighting/Kartell Chairs/Lanvin necklace

Spring is an exciting season. Probably one of my favorite in many years. You’ve got plenty of options for creative expression of beauty on your individual terms. As always, if you would like my creative eye to assist you in integrating any of these trends to fit your style , just drop a note.

10 New Year’s Eve Glam Decor Ideas

It just seems like the clock turned on 2014 and now it is time for the annual ruckus of ringing in a new year – in style. As with any party, select your party color scheme and theme and rock the details from there. Here are 10 ideas for banners, bars, balloons, party hats, pop-ups, photo booth backdrops, to add some extra glam to your celebration. Bring on 2015!


HNYBannersweetloulou NYBannerAnthropologie NYEBannerartenseniasetsy  NYEBarCarforrent NYEBalloons NYEFreePrintables-HauteChocolate  NYEPartyHatsGirlInspired NYEPoppersbloglovinNYEOversizedGarlandnotonthehighstreetNYEDIYGarland

Image credits from top to bottom:, Anthropologie, Artesenias on Etsy,,,,,,

Current Obsession: Bar Carts

My current obsession is bar carts. This strikes me as a bit odd since I didn’t grow up in a house with a bar, never stocked a full bar in any house I’ve owned and have never been a big alcohol drinker. But I gotta say, wine is always welcome and I drool over beautifully sculpted alcohol bottles. They remind me of oversized bottles of perfume, but ones that contain drinkable liquid. OK, back to the obsession.

Bar carts were super hot during the ‘50’s house, cocktail party days when nightly martinis were all the rage with family, friends and colleagues. They even showed up in offices. People used them back then and today to show off their collection of exquisite Scotches, Whiskeys, gin, decanters and glassware. It is equally about presentation and functionality.

About five years ago, they started making a comeback and now vintage and contemporary designs are finding new floorspace in homes. People are using bar carts for obvious namesake functionality as well as placing them as side tables and a credenza for other types of accessories like flowers, a few books, a bowl of snacks, ceramic or glass figurines, etc. Hey, make it what you want.

Here are some of my favorites to give you some ideas. I’m currently on a mission to find a really cool vintage one that I can pimp out. If, or when I do, I’ll be sure to share my version of a roving chic cart of beautiful bottles, libations and other fabulous decorations.

bfdaa1b123dd-furnituredesignstore karl_springer_lucite_cart_013em-midtomod VINTAGE LUCITE-boldinteriordesign VladamirKaganBarWagon VladamirKaganBarWagoninside X_1-VintageChromeBarCart-1stDibsStones Bar Whisky Mortlach-70 The-Glenrothes-Whisky-Packaging-Design HighlandParkDistilleryScotch DiamondJubileeWine_Decanter_1 2-Decanter BorisDecanter decanter-spiral-mcssl Mora-Contemporary-Horn-Silver-Square-Ice-Bucket-and-Tongs-887 VintageFacetedLuciteIceBucket ifitshipitsherebucket modern-barwareNuance WilliamsSonomaBleakerBarIceBucket Artel-Sequence-bar-glasses,01537_1



It All Started with Him

It all started with him.

It happened on a quintessential Southern California Saturday morning. In front of me in line at a bank, was a tall, slender man in his late ‘50’s, with piercing green eyes punctuated by his rich olive skin. He wore a monochromatic grey casual fitness attire accessorized with eyeglasses on a cord and sterling silver ear cuffs and thumb rings. He definitely had an eccentric, magnetic presence that filled the room. While I was in line behind him, he kept turning around to stare at me. Well, as you can probably imagine, I began to become a little self-conscious – you know that feeling when you start to question rather something is on your face or your hair is sticking up. Then, that feeling turned into a level of irritated discomfort..

I was relieved when he was done at the teller window and left. When I walked out to the parking lot, lo and behold, guess who was there? Yep, HIM! He was waiting for me which was slightly flattering, but did spark a thought of  stranger danger. He was obviously aware and respectful of my apprehension when he introduced himself in a deep baritone voice in the tone that matched is olive skin and said, “Hi, I’m Giorgio.” He meant no harm and was intrigued by my presence and energy so we started chatting it up.

His real name was Alan Meadoff. He was born and raised in Brooklyn. In fact, he and Ralph Lauren grew up in the same neighborhood. He started out as an interior designer and eventually developed his own collection. And, he lived right up the street from me. I lived at the bottom of the hill and he lived at the top to the left of a Y-fork in the road. Funny, all of the time that I walked the hill, my choice was always to veer right, not left. Life is full of fateful ironies.

We quickly became friends and more. He became my mentor, eventually my boss and forever my guiding creative influence who remains with me to this day.

Giorgio was an incredibly talented and innovative designer of contemporary, luxury home furnishings. He manufactured his collections outside of Milan, Italy with a showroom in High Point, North Carolina. That is where the international home furnishings association holds two markets per year and the world literally descends on this small town to buy the latest furniture. Think of it as fashion week for furniture.

He was an independent entrepreneur in a sea of big money, global brands that manufacture mass merchandise at accessible price points. Giorgio was anything but mass market. He had a slogan, “There are those who buy furniture for their homes. Then there are those who buy homes for their furniture.” Yes, his customers were in the latter group. Giorgio’s design aesthetic was sophisticated, elegant, edgy and exotic. He created a collection with the legendary Vladimir Kagan. He truly was a master down to the most intricate details.

He presented his designs in lifestyle collections – a full suite of living and bedroom furniture – and named them accordingly. One of my favorite was Old World Opulence that featured mahogany wood with large scale pieces sculpted with curved lines. He did that because his intuition and business data showed him that consumers purchased more when they were presented with a clear vision on how to put things together. He had mannequins in each gallery dressed to represent the type of consumer who would buy that collection. He paid attention to scent, sound – everything. His display or exhibition style included appealing to all human senses. For him, everything connected. He went the extra mile, saw beyond the visible and created an approach no one else took.

Before becoming his Director of Marketing, my first job was to design clothes to fit the mannequins. I had a shopping list and my favorite designers and looks ready. The kicker was I had to use scrap fabric and other random materials he had available and lobbied for any money to make this happen. At first I thought, are you kidding me? He wasn’t. I decided to champion the challenge with a positive attitude and belief in my abilities.

These assignments yielded some of my greatest, personal proud work. You know why? He forced me to use my imagination. To find my creative voice for each gallery. And to act with conviction and have the confidence to believe that despite my meager array of random materials, and pathetic sewing skills, I had the creative strength to accomplish the job. It also reinforced that despite having little to no material possessions, you always have your richest asset with is imagination. Combine that with an attitude of determination and anything, anything is possible.

Now, in this chapter of my life, my passion is fueled with the infinite possibilities of creating beauty and harmony in people’s lives with inherent knowledge and learned principles including the fine details giorgio taught me. In that process, it gives me great joy to help people find and express their individuality.

GirogioShowroomEntry Girogiosearcuffs