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Bedtime Stories: Children’s Furniture Trends

Let’s face it. No child wants to hear the phrase “time for bed.”  It seems to become the universal cue for extended needs; e.g., glasses of water, a pre-bed snack, sprints around the house and/or one more story. Sound familiar? Well, these new beds and space chair may be your answer to shut down the pre-bed shenanigans.

These three fantasy beds and luxurious chair with smart technology can put any mood, perhaps adults too, in a sleepy trance:

Fantasy Air Balloon – Limited Edition

Kids can dream about sleeping while floating in the sky in this luxurious limited edition bed. The bottom is fabricated from traditional basketry technique. The rest is manufactured from wood finished in white lacquer, lined with faux fur and trimmed in gold leaf. The bottom section contains drawers for storage and the bed area can be converted to a sofa, thus expanding the functional use of this fantastical furniture.  You can establish an ambiance by adjusting the lighting to reflect a mood and pipe in sounds that seduce your little one into a deep, peaceful sleep.

fantasy-air-balloon-circu-magical-furniture-png fantasy-air-balloon-ambiance-circu-magical-furniture


Please consult your local library and book stores to select these theme relevant books as suggested bedtime reading:

CuriousGeorge Up,Up,Up



Mermaid Bed

This fiberglass rocks elevate this fiberglass shell that is created to protect your precious pearl while sleeping in its beautiful womb. It’s cushy round bed sits under a lit lid. This bed works beautifully as the centerpiece in a room of soft ocean blues, lavender, off whites and fun accents like plush rugs and over-sized accessories.


Please consult your local library and book stores to select these theme relevant books as suggested bedtime reading:




Bun Van Bed

Calling all hippie HENRY’s, this bed is for your child. The iconic VW bus bed symbolizes the freedom, imagination and adventure that epitomizes a child’s spirit. The fiberglass bed has chrome plated finishes and is decked out in an exotic, palisander wood. The interior contains a bed, TV, secretary, mini-bar and a sofa. Add some stuffed toys, lights, books and other keepsake items and this space is the ultimate bedtime escape.

bun-van-bed-04-circu-magical-furniture-jpgbun-van-bed-02-circu-magical-furniture-jpg bun-van-bed-01-circu-magical-furniture-jpgbun-van-bed-11-circu-magical-furniture-jpg   bun-van-bed-12-circu-magical-furniture-jpgbun-van-bed-10-circu-magical-furniture-jpg



Please consult your local library and book stores to select these theme relevant books as suggested bedtime reading:

berenstainbearscamp carsandtrucksthat go

kidscamp  planescarstrucks


Rocky Rocket – The Rocket Man Chair

What is it about our spectacular, awe-inspiring galaxy that incessantly captures our imaginations? The challenge and intrigue of other worlds is fantastic fodder for daydreaming and dreams. This fiberglass rocket chair is a statement piece of furniture for your future astronaut. It is lined in red velvet with a secret stair compartment and shelves in the side engines. This chair connects to a mobile app to control the lighting, sound and sleep time tones.  Set the total galactic experience with a coordinating moon rug. All materials are non-toxic.





Please consult your local library and book stores to select these theme relevant books as suggested bedtime reading:

bizzybearspacerocket RoaringRockets


If you are interested in any of these special items, click here for more information.


Trending Now: Organic Shaped Bathroom Hardware

Most artists pay homage to nature as their ultimate design influence and inspiration source. As a lover of all things originating in nature; organic shapes, textures and patterns always excite my spirit. These attributes are the core of this new collection of bathroom hardware grabbed that brings the outside in with elegance and simplicity.

These knobs follow the form of smooth and etched rocks as well geometric shaped rough gemstones.  The collections come in two versatile finishes, burnished brass or nickel, to accommodate contemporary tastes.  If this is you,  visit Waterworks for more information.


petraburnishedbrass   IslaGeodeBurnishedBrassValveIslaPetraBurnishedNickel

IslaGeodeBurnishedBrass IslaPetraBurnishedBrassValeIslaGeodeBurnishedNickel


Images ©Waterworks, Petra and Isla Collections respectively.


A Summer Superfood Indulgence

Summer heat seems to increase our appetite for treats such as ice cream, yogurt and other sometime unhealthy tastes.  I am a proponent of eating food that both fuels and nourishes you with as much guilt-free, satisfying taste.  If you share this philosophy, then you probably consume superfoods often.  Superfoods are nutritionally dense foods that include some nuts, fruit and meat.

Recently, I stumbled upon the following really easy recipe for a delicious and exquisitely beautiful summer superfood treat:

~Crack open a few coconuts into halves with a hammer.

~Freeze them while you prepare the ingredients.

~Select from a range of toppings. This recipe has  chai seeds, strawberries, kiwi,  homemade granola, hemp seeds and coconut flakes.

~Sprinkle edible flowers as a finish.

~Dig in with a spoon.


AmazeBowlsDesignLoveFestAcaiBowlFlowers  AmazeBowlsDesignLoveFestAcaiBowlF


All images © Amazebowls and DesignLoveFest. Recipe from Amazebowls.


Modern + Sustainable Wood Floors

Floors establish the comfort, functionality and style in a space. They can serve as the unifying back drop or the focal point of a room. Ultimately, we desire our floors to look beautiful, feel comfortable and perform for the long-term.

Over the past few years, the flooring industry has expanded past tile and carpet to manufacture hybrid options such as tiles that look like wood along with a new generation of laminated wood. These new designs underscore consumers appetite for wood flooring options. The trajectory for wood flooring is moving to more advanced and authentic manufactured hardwood floors to salvaged century-old barn wood. There are two flooring companies specializing in wood products that have caught my interest. Their artisan-designed wood floors answer consumer’s thirst for premium aesthetically pleasing styles with long-term performance and made with a sustainable core.

One collection is by a US-based company that manufactures engineered tongue-in-groove hardware with a natural oil finish; a finish that becomes more beautiful over time. These FSC®-Certified hardwood floors are available in a variety of sizes with proprietary stains. Cork and bamboo options are also options. These narrow to wide planks are applicable for both floor and wall installations in residential and commercial spaces.  If you need a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) solution, you can receive points with this flooring.

My second recent favorite is from Canada via Belgium. Salvaged barn wood is refinished in a variety of colors and styles, including their absolutely elegant metallic finishes such as the one in gold below. Their wood contains all the beauty and charm of aged wood that is applicable for modern to traditional design and construction.

If your home needs a flooring update and you want to explore the styles and options available to you, just reach out here. We can discuss how these gorgeous floors with timeless appeal and modern performance can work for you.


WhitehallFlooring BambooTavernStrip TravertineCork

A&B Woodp A&BMetallicWoodA&BWoodSal

Photographs from top, left and right: natural oil-finished Whitehall flooring, Bamboo Tavern Strip, Travertine Cork, salvaged woods and metallic wood (c).