Murad Rapid Lightening Regimen Product Review

They show up for various reasons such as sun damage, aging, hormonal imbalances, genetics, inflammation and scarring. Dark spots are the enemy for anyone who wants a smooth, even skin tone. Let’s face it, clear, smooth skin is the pinnacle of skin conditioning that many of us aspire to achieve. It is a state of  freedom.

If you are looking for a system that will aid you in protecting and diminishing your dark spots from sun, aging, hormonal imbalances or scarring, then Murad’s Rapid Lighting Regimen could be your effortless answer. Beauty Stat provided me with a complimentary system, valued at $219, to use for the purpose of evaluating this system’s effect and provide you with my feedback.

The answer to my two, small facial brown spots is being answered with the targeted Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum supported by the Essential C-Cleanser and Moisturizer.  Let’s start with the cleanser that I use twice daily. It is feather light and gentle with a light citrus scent that dissapates when you rinse your skin. The Essential C  Cleanser is vitamin packed to block environmental damage. It has small,  smooth round beads that you can’t feel, but are composed to help remove excess oil and build up cells. It leaves no residue. You feel your skin and for me, it feels thoroughly cleansed with the smallest drop.

Next I  apply the Pigment Lightening Serum to my dark spots. The Serum contains 2% Hydroquinone which lightens dark spots and evens out skin discoloration. I spot apply it and then lightly blend more around my entire face. The results have been slowly visible. A few years ago, when I tried this product, there was a bit of a sting after application. This new serum is silky, scentless and leaves no residue.  My expectations are for slow, incremental fading. My hope is to eventually not even see these spots. One immediate bonus  I’ve noticed is that my skin tone appears more radiant. It has been 10 days since I began using the product and look forward to the results at the end of 90 days.

Of course everyone needs to protect their skin from environmental toxins and irritants. The Essential C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum has a SPF 30 | PA+++ and is rich in Vitamin-C and antioxidants to revitalize and protect your skin from further damage. It is smooth, gentle and weightless on the skin. It is more emoillent than it initially feels.  It absorbs consistently wherever you apply it. I apply this moisturizer to my neck and face, including right around my eyes with no irritation.

Murad’s entire Rapid Lightening System also contains the Advanced Active Radiance® Serum and Intensive-C® Radiance Peel. I have used these products incrementally and with positive experience. The entire system is so gentle, smooth and nourishing. And, it is effective. They included a wonderful booklet with product information as well as other beneficial tips for living a healthy, anti-aging lifestyle.

It is day ten and the results are impressive. Try this system for 30 days with this special offer. Or treat  yourself to a new skin experience with a 90 day Rapid Lightening Regimen at a discount here.





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