10 Contemporary, Curvy Chairs

Curves lead the eyes on meandering journeys of fluid seduction in the design of cars, clothing, furniture and a variety of other products. They emit a soothing energy which is one reason why they are a coveted design detail.

Curved furniture and accessories add visual interest to a room and will balance any angular, sharp lines in other furniture or architectural details. You can add curved chairs of different silhouettes and scale to add more design depth to a space. If you have a sofa in a neutral color, try a curved chair in a bold color to give the room more color and introduce a new shape.

Here are ten curvy, contemporary chairs that serve as stunning, statement cocoons:

DragnetChairKennethCobonpie LoungePairedeFauteuils KukiZahaHadid inmod FriedEggHansOlsen SouffleKellyWerstler RosaPoltrona RockerRonArad RattanBonacinaVittorio OrchydZamoloCharles




Design Notes: The Graduate

Its design is somewhat of a homage to the film. Yes, that one. The edgy, chic and controversial flick filled with contemporary glamour and the collegiate tension of seduction and societal appropriateness. This palpable tension of sophistication, beauty and whimsical innocence from the film are ingeniously translated throughout the boutique hotel sharing the film’s moniker.

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a while since I’ve been in a public place that exhibited any true original design ideas along with choices that made sense in relation to the brand and executed with some flair. Hanging out in this space was a treat filled with intriguing, fun surprises at every turn.

Here are some of my favorite design highlights from my tour:


Their signature colors are red and yellow which are paired with other primary colors. Bold, abstract patterns punctuate the space with red accents from the red lacquer center table to the trim on the counter. The atomic lighting fixture blends beautifully with the two U-shaped sofa seating areas anchoring the main entrance. On the way to the elevators, two green chairs stopped me in my tracks in all of their mid-century glory. Those custom jewels with forest green wool fabric and trimmed in dark wood details were outstanding.

The cluster explosion of bad ‘60s thrift store art on the wall stretching from one of the seating areas to the green chairs was another thing.  However, redemption was served when I walked towards the bar and fell in love with this wood, cocoon shaped chair that was equally a piece of furniture and work of art. Just delicious; like my drink at their ultra cool, yet uncontrived garage-themed bar, Tacocuba (which translates into hubcap).


Taking its 5 o’clock somewhere to new heights, the bar clock was a homage to cocktail hour with a circle of the number five, except for the number three. I enjoyed a libation at their casual bar sitting in one of their ghetto-bling retro metallic gold vinyl industrial stools. These stools were a sea of monochromatic gold glitter surrounding the peso-embellished bar top. Next time you see some tire rims on the street, pick one up and utilize it as a lighting fixture. Clever.

 Floor a

What was also clever was the psychodelic trip walking down the hall to guest rooms. Color and pattern combinations made it a rebellious nod to Ivy League panache.


That trip, a little bit of Alice in Wonderland meets a twisted Captain America, was worth it to reach the guest rooms. The room I entered was an interesting and unexpected mix of patterns, colors and textiles. There were three things that sweep me off my feet, i.e. the art, lamp and chair. The geometric lines of the framed art trio were mesmerizing. The chair was modern in shape and upholstered in an unexpected traditional, small houndstooth pattern. The combo was dynamite and created a cool mix of modern, throwback funk. The lamp was its own piece of sculpture with its rhythmic stack of rectangular brass gloss.

Of course the old-school notepad and no. 2 pencil stole the show for me.

When’s the last time you went somewhere that brought you joy and gave you a few good belly laughs and delighted your senses with originality and surprises? In today’s cookie-cutter world, it can be hard. I appreciate their dedication to solid design principles: 1) color, 2) scale, 3) style, 4) continuity, 5) smart risks and 6) cultural influences.

In my opinion, great design is authentic, fun and bold. So, what are you doing with your space?





GraduateHallwayCarpetGraduateRoomBrassLamp GraduateRoomChair GraduateRoomArt


Design Notes: She Space ReStyled

The vision for this space instantly flashed into her mind and became the reason she fell in love with the property.


For nearly five years, she romanticized the concept of using the charming 500 sq foot converted garage on the property of her historic Willow District home for a creative space. However, Chrissa was petrified to actually clean it out and make it a workable space instead of just another room to hold junk as it had become. For some reason, she was “avoiding with every bone in her body, engaging in the space and being vulnerable to admit that creative expressive is her lifeline.” It was an odd feeling, because she had done it before. Creativity was not new. This time, it was different. The space represented would become her ultimate creative sanctuary, but it also became the pathway to her healing some major life moments. Here is the story of how Chrissa, a strong, accomplished, professional woman, opened her heart to summon the courage to receive my support and guidance in bringing her creative space to fruition.

Chrissa and I were marketing colleagues in our former lives. It had been many years since we had interacted, but I included her on the announcement of my new design business. To my great surprise, she emailed me within minutes of receiving the announcement to schedule some coffee time to become reacquainted. I awaited our time to rebond with enthusiasm.

During the course of our coffee chit-chatting, she stated that she wanted to retain my services to work with her on the redesign of her 500 sq. ft. art studio. Yes, the space she fell in love with and envisioned as a creative space five years earlier. My answer was yes and we quickly began a two month journey to molding that space into her ultimate sanctuary. Her She Space™.

Goals + Preferences

When we began, the design conversation centered on goals, style preferences, color loves, patterns and overall feel. I noticed her love of vibrant colors and patterns by taking note of her striped Kate Spade handbag. She expressed her affinity with teal, aquamarine, yellow, purple and black. Not so much when it comes to red. She revealed that she enjoys patterns from stripes to spirals; dots to diagonals.


Chrissa’s studio features floor-to-ceiling custom bookshelves, a concrete floor, a cottage paned window and French doors. The space needs to function as a multi-use environment as her art studio, office and relaxing area. Plus, she desired a more organized, nurturing environment room.

A few of the biggest design challenges was to find a way for the three distinct environments to flow as well as harmonize the mix of metals, furniture styles and colors in the space. My plan was to seamless integrate all of these elements.

Aesthetic Vision + Design

In order to illustrate her vision, she showed me some magazine and catalog pictures with colors and spaces that inspired her. From these images, we zoned in on her exact wall color. She desired to change the existing butter yellow paint hue to an exquisite Robin’s Egg blue. After applying the color, it was clear that it was the one. We experimented with accent colors for the trim, windows, door and shelves and found that the existing cottage white was really the most ideal.

Next, we addressed the concrete floor. It was a chipped, dull blue. The character of the floor needed to be brought to life so a contractor applied a dark, honey brown concrete color with a low luster sealer that brought the floor to life and visually grounded the space with some elegance.


Early on, we decided to keep the existing black office furniture, vintage black trunk with nail heads and stainless steel crafting table and add a statement chair and hide rug for her relaxation area.

In order to hone in on the design elements that told the story of her life passions, path and philosophies, I prepared three styled vignettes that focused on color, texture and metals to blend the three distinct areas of the space. After embarking on a journey to incorporate patterns such as polka dots and stripes (insert pictures of items and placement), she decided that she really wanted to feel stimulated and nurtured, but through a more subdued presentation.

Yvette-ChrissaAlabasterVignette Yvette-ChrissaBlueVignetteYvetteCraddock-ChrissaSheSpaceGoldVignette

We decided on a teal statement Wingback chair with nailheads with a gorgeous cowhide rug underneath it for her relaxation area that was the point where two walls merged with larger shelving units than the rest of the space. Behind it we began incorporating elements of those edited vignettes of art, artifacts, baskets, books and selected the pieces that she really enjoyed behind the chair. That area served as the jumping off point for seamlessly blended the metals, colors and textures in the space.

During this process, Chrissa revisted one of her inspirational magazine sheets and noticed that she resonated with a row of monochromatic baskets. We then rearranged the space and created a row of woven, alabaster baskets in two styles along the top of her shelves. We continued to work in another phase of arrangement, editing and adding of accessories. Our final accessory selections incorporated tactile pops of teal and brown baskets, trays, picture frames, statutes and some trinkets. The result showcases a variety of harmonious textures, colors and patterns that celebrate her hobbies, family, goals and life adventures.


Although we selected baskets and trays for decorative and functional purposes, we needed to focus on her lower shelves throughout the space. These shelves housed sewing instruments, fabric, entertaining supplies, work documents, files, lots of photo albums and misc. junk. In order to maintain our gallery feel goal of streamlined space, I noticed that we needed to calm the clutter and make the remaining elements invisible. We designated the longest wall for a series of cabinets, sans hardware for the bottom three shelves along three of the four walls.

Another observation I made is how Chrissa used her space holding, unwanted purple sectional sofa for extra shelving during multiple creative projects. I suggested that we create a multifunctional cabinet solution that behaved similar to a Murphy bed. Cabinet doors that she could raise up to use as extra work space for spreading out projects when needed without sacrificing space and adding clutter on a day-to-day basis. The solution is one of her favorite design elements.

The Process: Notes About This Intimate Journey

One interesting and thrilling part of the process is how often one or both of us would envision a color or item and then have it show up. For instance, her teal linen Wingback chair with nail heads came to her mind during a yoga class and physically materialized during one of my shopping trips that morning. I photographed the chair, texted her the details and it ended up being her envisioned chair. Now that we found the perfect chair, we searched for the perfect hide rug. She came across this amazing hide that blended the space perfectly together from the floor to accessories. Again, the ideal item she had in her mind.

Another transformative component of our design process is my allowing her to sit with her space and feel it to ascertain what resonated and what did not. To emotionally process what needed to be released and what deserved to stay as she entered a new chapter in her life. Even though I knew some of the suggestions and decisions along the way would not deliver the ideal end result, my position was to give her the space to arrive at the same conclusion. In the end, it is her sanctuary. Her She Space. My role was to serve as her conduit to style and design.

After a fourth installation of accessories, of frames and artifacts, we stood back to survey the selection and placement of accessories. We had some shelves that had blank rows. I felt that we were entering a zone of “forced” design. Therefore, my suggestion was for her to wait and add pieces as she discovered them. She agreed, yet had another epiphany. She decided to keep the blank space and intentionally utilize that space for her future goals which included her personal adventures and treasured moments with her future mate. She was nervous about my response. I was humbled by her admission. My response was that it was her space to continue to create as she felt inspired to do so. And that is how the design process works. It is a process unique and authentic to each client.

During this process, Chrissa experienced some strong emotions, both happy and sad. At times we cried together. I could feel when we needed to stop so that she could just breathe. At the designated end of our journey, Chrissa confessed, “I cried when it was done and it took me a few weeks to really go in there and use it in all its glory. Now I go in there to start and end my day to feel the love and inspiration.”

And that is my design goal for each and every client.

Enjoy some before, in process and after photos of this beautiful She Space.
















Dress Your Floors with Diane von Furstenberg’s Iconic Prints

Diane von Furstenberg is a woman whose simple, yet elegant wrap dress reinvented women’s fashion. After decades as a fashion industry style-setter, the design and business legend continues to expand her ubiquitous brand with a rug collection. Her signature bold and glamorous interpretation of nature’s distinctive patterns and color palettes are presented in her artisan rug collection exclusively available through The Rug Company.

Her leopard and python designs are ideal exotic statements for traditional to contemporary decor. The 9 x 6 feet rugs are available in sophisticated hues of lilac, rich grey and blue tones. Each rug is hand-knotted with the finest Tibetan wool yarns by Nepalese artisans for the ultimate visual and tactile experience.

Plan on investing from $5,670 to $7,236 for one of DVF’s latest classics featured here with more designs to come.

DC_DVF_Leopard Bark_F_HR


DC_DVF_Python Glory_F_HR



Cafe Design Notes

Have you ever had that moment when you clicked your heels in anticipation of a project you would love to design? Well, this contemporary cafe is one of my heel-clicking projects.

The cafe owner’s concept is an establishment that serves delectable, healthy food in a fun environment with educational support regarding healthy lifestyle habits from nutrition to exercise. His design vision was a sleek, contemporary space with clean lines and an infusion of warm and rustic elements. Think of a Miami/Midwest mash-up. Here is my inspiration board:


I oversaw the space planning, design process, furniture selection, food photography, custom art creation, paint color and placement. My process included working in close tandem with the owner to oversee the accuracy of his vision through interaction with the general contractor, architect and suppliers to bring the cafe to life.

Color + Design Story

White serves as the backdrop to a mix of grey, chrome, purple and lime green to amplify the brand. I selected a combination of straight and curved lines to utilize as much as of the angular space while incorporating some softness with the curved lines of the chairs and bar area.

We reclaimed wood throughout the space, stained it and integrated it throughout from the window frames to the base of the bar. I worked with a local organic farmer and artist to convert shipping pallets to a vertical garden. The concrete floor was stained a grey color that was repeated in the bar countertop surface, chair legs and pendant lighting.

White walls and tables were accented with colored chairs and vibrant, custom photography. A pop of green was painted on the bar ceiling and purple appeared in the middle section raised ceiling area.


 Seating to Serve

I maximized floor space and added visual interest with a combination of seating from bar height chairs, to standard seating and bench seating. The mix of single and group seating options with expanded configurations accommodated the patrons.  During warmer months, the front patio provides additional seating.



Due to space configuration and wall limitations, a series of hanging menu boards was designed for quick ordering at the cash register and to avoid interfering with the lighting. Additionally, I took into consideration simplicity and affordability of updating individual boards in case menu updates were necessary. Ideally, a future design will feature video menu boards.


It was important to showcase this new restaurant and menu concept with images of its food.  The chef and a food photograph worked with me to capture the beauty and visual taste of an array of menu items. I then had these professional images printed to custom sizes that fit the walls in specific places. I chose  plexiglass and chrome standoffs to accent the contemporary theme and showcase the food.


I also designed nutrition cards featuring superfoods that also referenced menu options with that particular superfood ingredient to further promote the owner’s healthy lifestyle message.


Vertical Garden

One of my favorite design ideas for this space was adding this vertical garden. It featured beautiful succulents on the bottom and herbs for the chef’s use in dishes. Plus, it is fabricated out of discarded shipping wood pallets.


Patrons have raved on social media:

“Great atmosphere.”

“The atmosphere is modern and clean.”

How can I be of service to you in bringing your cafe and/or restaurant design to life? Contact me.


10 Modern Decked Out Furniture Designs

Ah Spring. The rhythm of renewal begins. The sunny, cotton-candy cloud infused blue skies and the constellation starlit nights help you shed those cabin fever blues. It’s time for warm sand, water escapades, green grass under your toes and dancing on your deck.

As outdoor living continues to be a part of our lifestyles during warmer months, it is becoming just as important of a functional and visually stimulating space as the rest of the house. Decks, patios and balconies serve as scenic framework for hosting your social affairs, family playtime, romantic rendezvous, pet parlors and urban gardens.

Today’s furniture is designed to flow both indoors and out. The latest creations feature organic and geometric shapes, LED-lighting capabilities, bright colors and modular, space-saving solutions. This season, consider my 10 cool, modern furniture picks to deck out your outdoor space to accommodate lazy lounging to backyard bourbon BBQ’s:



Summer-Cloud-Sun-Lounge-Contemporary-Outdoor-Chair-FurnitureFERLEA11.06 0035 homeinfatuation-vertexoutdoorbistroset wood-outdoor-flooring-decking-3RadiusDesignMare-Sectional-Sofa-MR-BR

Check out these 10 modern planters for your outdoor plants and garden.




10 Stylish Modern Planters for Your Home

Ah, spring is finally here. The allure of vibrant flowers and lush green plants drives most of us to our favorite nursery to replenish our existing planters or add some more greenery and color to our space. Besides embellishing our interiors and outdoor landscape, live plants clean our air and replenish it with fresh oxygen.  They decrease our stress and ignite our productivity.

Therefore, the right thing to do is to place your plants in the most stylish, artistic planters that enhance their natural color, design and growth patterns. Here are ten of my favorite modern and artistic indoor/outdoor planters to add to your decor with your favorite flowers and plants.

metaphysmain-glass-planters_R3IuE_24431 Collaborationplanters-630x421Modern-Planter-Gandia-Blasco-Sahara-Planters-xl5  EMUcontemporary-outdoor-pots-and-planters shaped-double-pot-light-design-window-viewcontemporary-planters-design-ideas outdoor-pots-and-plantersMark Reigelman II plantersVondom-VLEK-Vase-Indoor-Outdoor-Planter-Lightgarden-planter-mirror

Check out these 10 modern furniture solutions for your deck, patio or balcony.


3 Style-Packed Interior Design Ideas for Microdwellings

Microdwellings are readily gaining popularity throughout the states. However, our American taste for vast space has spawned planned communities with 3,000 sq ft homes on large lots, McMansions in suburban subdivisions and a thirst for more garage space, storage space and in essence, stuff.

So, let’s face it. Although microdwellings are on the rise, the process to downsize from several thousand square feet to 600 to 1,000 sq. feet bodes some serious consideration. What will you keep? How can you have great style in such a small space? How does your day-to-day life function? My biggest question, where am I going to store all of my shoes? Answering these types of questions require a clear, intentional plan.

It can be done. From personal experience in choosing to downsize to researching hundreds of microdwellings, you can live in less space and with less than you might first think. In my recent Big Style ~ Small Space presentation, I shared the following tips for planning your smaller space for functionality while retaining your personal style:


A change is physical dimensions requires a different set of objects with multiple functions.  My tips include:

  • Reduce the size of furniture in relation to the scale of the space.
  • Select multi-functional pieces like nesting tables, ottomans that serve as tables and convertible furniture that can adjust to your needs as necessary.
  • Pop up furniture (my term), like the blue chair below, is crafted by an Amsterdam firm and provides sturdy support with gorgeous contemporary lines and is easy to assemble and stack.
  • Incorporate lucite furniture to add what you need with no visual weight. Tables, chairs and desks in lucite are fantastic solutions for room and style. The Kartell Ghost Chair is one of my absolute favs.
  • Break the rules! Traditionally, living rooms feature a sofa, loveseat, a few chairs and tables. You can have chairs vs. sofas; loveseats vs. couches. Think differently and try new options.
  • There is a resurging interest and need for murphy beds. The new ones are smart and clever such as the one below that serves multiple functions within a space maximizing every square inch.

ConvertibleSofa ConvertibleSofaBed ConvertibleSectionalwithStorage  ContemporaryFlipChair ContemporaryFlipChairBedFluxChair




Mirrors and reflective surfaces such as lacquers are two great secrets to adding more light and thus the illusion of space to any room in any size of home.  The example below makes this mirror area a focal point. It could hide a Murphy bed or serve as a storage or wardrobe unit. Oversized mirrors such as the image below are perfectly fine in a small space. Try bold looks.




Use your wall space and functional space like stairs for storage and to add design details that won’t work on the floor of your space. And, for any home, there are many beautiful and creative ways to hide your junk in plain sight by making the storage boxes a part of your décor. You can add them to a dresser, console, desk or shelf. You can consider hanging baskets as art and storage as well.

FunctionalStairsStorageDecorativeStorageBoxesmybutterfly DecorativeStorageBoxes-Motivanova Marblepaperstorageboxformyloveof


These tips are just a few ways to individualize your microdwelling interiors.The exciting thing about microdwellings is that once you define your style and space functionality, the existing and customized design solutions make the process very, very fun.


Big Style ~ Small Space Free Presentation

Microdwellings, in various forms, have been a part of numerous European and South American cultures for years. Within the past decade, Americans are becoming familiar and embracing the movement to reduce their living space and explore alternative dwellings in which to inhabit. The recent recession has spurred both necessity and desire to explore this way of living throughout the country from dense cities like Manhattan to the rambling fields of the Midwest and green hills of the South.

In Phoenix, sustainable living and microdwelling pioneer, Patrick McCue, plans an annual exhibit at Shemer Art Center and Museum featuring design features of modular structures, sustainable living tips and workshops.

According to Mr. McCue, “The goal of the movement of Microdwelling is to infuse the community with ideas about availability of building materials and resources, affordability, and to demonstrate hands-on construction techniques. It is the desire to of the organizers of this series of events that Microdwelling will be a springboard for a groundswell of activity that takes sustainable living to a new, more widespread level within the community.”

Some people may feel like sacrificing space means sacrificing style. That is not true. Learn how to maximize space and reflect your style in a small structure. Join me on Saturday, February 28, 2015 from 1:00pm to 1:45pm for my free presentation about interior design ideas from furniture to technology for microdwellings.




Design Transformation: Traditional to Contemporary Mid-Century Mod Mix

Some houses just have great bones. You know the ones that are chameleons and can support a range of styles to suit the inhabitants. This house was such a house. The original owners had very traditional tastes with some outdated colors. The new owner had a vision for a contemporary, cool space. All it took was some paint, the right furniture and a love for contemporary and mid-century modern furniture in a classy mash-up and honoring the bones.

Here is a visual transformation of one room. Bye-bye salmon walls.


34thSt-LivingRoomSide 34thSt-LivingRoom

YvetteCraddockInteriorStylingHome YvetteCraddockInteriorStylingHome YvetteCraddockInteriorStylingHome


What does your space want to become? Let’s discuss. Contact me here.