Tabletop Tuesday: Verve

Tabletop Tuesday has some verve! Red, black and a splash of chili pepper red. Add some layers of shapes, sizes, patterns and retro fabulosity to really take it the edge. Spice up your tabletop with your food for a wonderful epicurean adventure.

Modern Monday: Striking Deco

Modern Monday features this striking black and white Paris apartment with Swedish Art Deco red chair and piano. This space is simple, but curated with distinctive pieces that bring style, interest and harmony. Via Architectural Digest.

Tabletop Tuesday: Harvest Gold

Tabletop Tuesday transitions us into the autumn season with this savory golden yellow plate with brown edging, vintage amber glass, vintage Thai brass and rosewood flatware and a heaping portion of seashells.

What are you serving for your autumn celebration?

This is an original place setting by Yvette Craddock Designs.

Modern Monday: Metallic Harvest Gold

Modern Monday celebrates the lush harvest gold velvet lounges of Coast in BC. These space has a succulent, moody vibe with joyous overtones.

The color is opulent yet welcoming. The metallic gold surfaces on the base of the furniture, accent tables and chandelier lighting reflect the light like rays of sun. The metallic wall panels infuse more color, texture and visual interest further accented by the placement of lighting.

This is a must stop while you are in B.C. Luxury design at its finest.

Tabletop Tuesday: Smoky Blues

Tabletop Tuesday’s place setting blends matte and shinny plates in blues and browns with a touch of brass inlaid in rosewood. Combine vintage glassware and beige linens for a casual design.

Modern Monday: Luscious Velvet

Modern Monday’s space is this scrumptious blue velvet deep sectional flanked by light grey textured walls and plush carpet with dark harvest gold velvet chair and globe lighting fixture. The dimensional mirror brightens and broadens the room for the finishing dramatic effect. Bold, simple statements can make a room personalized and finished. Via Arcadian Home.

Tabletop Tuesday: Indigenius Grace

Tabletop Tuesday features smooth, taupe and bone dishware placed on top of a sophisticated, textured and patterned linen. The combination is like yin and yang. A silky murmur against a velvet baritone.

In this place setting, I added vintage glassware and a decorative bowl influenced by the indigenous design on the taupe linen pattern that elegantly announces the red and black rhythmic design.

Enjoy your food. Give grace over your food. Like a beautiful song, transport yourself to another place through design and food selections.

Modern Monday: Red Rush

Modern Monday features this contemporary space with a noticeably red tufted, velvet sectional in a room with hints of antiquity and rustic charm.

The red sectional is a cherry red versus a poppy, vibrant red which makes this bold hue a bit more refined. The composition is fresh and exciting since it breaks the traditional functional lines of sectional furniture. Sometimes all a room needs is a new composition of its furniture layout.

The charm of this room also lies in the unfinished wall. It looks like an unfinished concrete slab that once hosted wallpaper or some other type of semi-permanent wall covering before featuring this global map. The peeling, scraping and/or extraction of history for present exposure is raw, authentic and stylish. The floor-to-ceiling windows are graced with elegant and flowing drapes which juxtapose the harshness of the wall.

The unknown room designers also mix sculpture, occasional tables, consoles and vintage objects to harmonize the mix of contemporary versus vintage, masculine versus feminine. This room is bold yet soft. Serene and energetic. Every space has soul and style. It is all about harmony.

Tabletop Tuesday: In the Pink

Tabletop Tuesday is an elegant presentation of a small pink gold-rimmed plate on top of a pink, white and gold Kate Spade polka dot center plate stacked on a large pink plate/charger. The gold star accessory, woven gold place mat and Mikasa abstract gold patterned glassware complete the feminine touches to this setting. Go ahead, eat a three-course salad.

 I love this set so much, I designed two iterations.


Yvette Craddock Designs custom place setting

Yvette Craddock Designs custom place setting

Experience Case Study: Summertime Broker’s Open Block Party

According to national statistics, the housing market continues to trend upward with pre-2007 levels in price, value and demand. However, even in the most robust markets, homes between $350,000 to a few million need a bit more creative marketing to raise awareness and drive interest.

My firm specializes in exceptional experiential events and frequently works with members of the real estate community. In the most recent, custom experience, NexTitle secured my firm to create a five-house home tour that I created into a good ol’ fashioned Block Party.

Each house was given a theme that reflected the home’s best assets. Attendees receive video, email and social media invitations, announcements and updates that showcased the homes, but only disclosed one address. The tour start home was the main point of registration,

Promotional Video



Every experience needs to be branded for the

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Distinctive, experiential events are my firm’s expertise. If you need to drive more traffic to your business, raise your profile and create an opportunity to interact more directly with your target audience, click here to begin the conversation.