Beauty Review: Vincent Longo Makeup

Summer, well frankly, any time of year is a great time to refresh your makeup. Right now through Labor Day, I am teaming up with and Vincent Longo to offer women a 15% discount on Vincent Longo’s summer makeup collection. That is right. Refresh your cosmetic case by visiting and entering promotional code BSBCV09 for 15% off your purchases. Let me share some of my favorites with you.

Typically, I have between four to six tubes of lipstick in my purse at any given time. Once I tried the lipstick in Mulberry, it is all I carry and wear. First of all, I love the color. It is that perfect shade that bridges pink and red with class. The color provides smooth, thorough coverage in one application. It is moisture rich, doesn’t bleed and has real staying power. I apply it twice in the day, which is not often considering the amount of talking, eating and drinking I do all day. Feel and see it for yourself. Try the Mulberry shade for a fresh color appropriate for day and evening.

If you desire just a touch of color, then try the gluten-free Lip & Cheek Gel Stain in Baby Boo. This multiuse product delivers the ideal punch of “just pinched” color for your lips and cheeks. Since summer is full of adventure and travel, this gel stain will give you the weightless freedom to achieve the look you want.

How about an eyeliner that is super easy to apply without straining or damaging your eye area or drying out after a few hours? Vincent Longo’s crème gel eyeliner in Felis Brown provides a rich and natural brown hue in a creamy texture that evenly and smoothly graces your eyelid and under eye area. As a contact wearer with ultra sensitive eyes, finding the right eyeliner can be a challenge. This eyeliner did not flake off or dry up the entire day. It also is easy to remove, which makes it an ideal product to provide you the look and color you want, without the downside of stress to your eye area.

Summertime and a dewy, sun -kissed complexion in a magical rose gold hue seem synonymous for most women. If you desire this fresh, beach beauty look without the damaging rays of the sun, try Vincent Longo’s Drew Drop Radiant Blush for that gentle, sun-kissed color. I tried the Sandalwood, which enhanced my natural color to achieve that effortless radiant glow with one brush stroke.

All right ladies, time to get prettier. Refresh your collection with a 15% discount by visiting and entering promotional code BSBCV09 for your purchases. Hurry, Labor Day is right around the corner.

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