Beauty Review: True Smooth CoolWay

If every woman who wanted silky smooth, straight hair with minimal to no effort, it is safe to say that there would be a line filled with woman of all hair textures, lengths and styles. Well, True Smooth™’s new product seems to be just the answer to fulfill these wishes. Beauty experts are calling it a blow dryer in a bottle. In fact, it is clinically proven to strengthen hair up four times and reduce breakage by 75%. This is possible because of the Amino Lock MAB molecule that your blow dryer activates to hold your style from the inside of your hair.

Recently I put this product and its claims to the test. I have lots of very fine, ringlet curl hair that hangs at medium length. Hair coloring is the only chemical that touches my tresses. I am growing my hair out and avoid heat and other stressors so that it maintains its health and sustains minimal damage. I usually wear it straight, therefore; I was intriqued by these claims. The first time I used the product, the results were a tad disappointing. The hair around my face was frizzy (which it usually isn’t after drying it). Overall, my hair did not feel super straight and it felt a little heavy, as if I had hair product in my hair. I prefer weightless, invisible product. My frizzes were gone with a few flatiron bumps. I brushed my hair out, straightened my frizzes with my flatiron and decided to give the product a chance.

Now, here is what is interesting. Later in the day, I really started loving how my hair looked and felt. It was if it got straighter and lighter. The next day, I loved it even more. I noticed that I had no breakage and virtually no hair in my brush. By day four, the product won me over. I have repeated this process using my blow dryer and an old-fashioned hooded hair dryer and this product is becoming a favorite. My drying time is decreased and I barely use my flatiron. I am a no fuss, Domino’s Pizza – get ready in 30 minutes or less – type of woman who wants to brush and go. True Smooth™ Coolway frizz-free magic in a bottle seems to be the answer to effortless, harm-free straight hair just like you left the salon.

Here is how you can try this product for yourself. Visit and use code BeautyStat14 to receive a 10% discount (excludes shipping and tax). Note: This offer is available for a limited time.



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