Beauty Review: Garnier Plus Skin Care

Spring has sprung with summer fast on its heels, so it is the ideal time to evaluate skin care routines and products. Right on cue, provided me with a collection of Garnier Plus scrubs and moisturizers to test for product reviews. Although I have combination skin, my recent relocation to a hotter and arid climate is zapping my skin of its moisture. Therefore, I was excited to see how my skin would react to Garnier Plus’ products. Since I am a skin care product enthusiast and new to the product line, I decided to try all of the products they sent to me.

Right now, my priorities are to a) replenish moisture in my face and neck areas and b) protect my skin from sun damage and early signs of aging because of the environmental elements of sun and pollution. Therefore, I first tried the Nourishing Cleaning Oil and Smoothing Cream Cleanser, both formulated for dry skin. My favorite of the two is the Nourishing Cleansing Oil. It is a beautiful butterscotch color with a light scent that pumps out like a thin stream of honey. I applied it to my face and neck. My skin loved its moisturizing agents so much, I wanted to leave it on and not rinse it. Even after rinsing, my skin felt evenly and weightlessly moisturized. I also used it to remove my eye makeup which it did fully in one stroke without irritating my eyes. Although I didn’t apply the Smoothing Cream Cleanser to remove my makeup, the cleansing result is just as lovely as the Nourishing Cleaning Oil.

Obviously my next step is to add a moisturizer. Garnier provided two products to try, i.e. Ultra-Lift Transformer and the 5 Sec Blur Instant Smoother. The Transformer moisturizer contains SPF 20 which is important all-year-long and increases when the sun becomes more dominant. It is formulated as an anti-age skin corrector for all skin tones with its first-to-market auto-adjusting pigments. These pigments contain Pro-Retinol, its patented, nature-based ingredient, that boosts natural cell renewal and prevents dryness and has a moisture barrier to fight aging. As a consumer, this ingredient is fantastic. I feel the microbeads glide over my skin and lock in the moisture while leaving my skin looking flawless. My only desire for this product is to have a slightly denser or long-lasting moisturizing feeling. Around mid-evening, I still feel the smoothness of my skin, but a decrease in the hydration factor.

The step after the Ultra-Lift Transformer, is the application of the 5 Sec Blur Instant Smoother. This new product is super lightweight and instantly gives you smoother skin by filling in lines and wrinkles, hiding pores, smoothing flaws and matting your shine. Oh, it provides the ideal canvas on which to apply your makeup. And guess what ladies? It works. After spending hours working in the sun one day, I was pleased to discover that my face hadn’t transformed into a shiny light bulb. The 5 Sec Blur kept my skin and makeup in tact, despite the sun, perspiration and frequent trips to wipe my face clean. Fortunately, I don’t have lines and wrinkles outside of smile lines, so my focus was on the product’s pore camouflage, smoothness and matte properties. I dig it. My only desire for this product is to have a bit more of a moisturizing agent to penetrate more deeply.

The other products that I tried just for the fun of it include:

  • Invigorating Daily Scrub and the Refreshing Remover Cleansing Towelettes (for normal skin). Both are fantastic for normal skin and those towelettes are great for your gym bag or purse, especially if you need to refresh yourself during hot days or after working out.
  • Blackhead Eliminating Scrub and Shine Control Cleansing Gel (for oily skin). I traditionally use products with a salicylic acid ingredient, which the scrub contains, to avert any breakouts. Charcoal, a new skin care ingredient to me, is in both products. It must have some magic ability to track dirt. Whatever it is, I enjoyed the feel, smell and results of these cleansers.
  • Balancing Daily Exfoliator and Purifying Foam Cleaner (for combination skin). The soft, fruity smell plus the lightweight soap-free feel is a refreshing combination to the experience of using these products. You can use the cleanser to remove makeup, which I didn’t try, but like products that offer the option for a one and done approach. My preference for the cleanser is to have an upgraded, quality pump for easier use.

Garnier Plus’ products are affordable and live up to their claims. My only preference for the skin care that I tried, compliments of, is for a more emollient formula and higher SPF protection for their moisturizer products. Ladies achieve your desired skin results with Garnier Plus products.



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