Beauty Review: Aviva Hair Revitalizer

You know those commercials. The kind with beautiful women swinging their long, thick, shiny and gorgeous hair from side-to-side and finish with them running their fingers through to the tips. Do you secretly want to be one of those women? Healthy hair is beautiful hair and most women seem to want the complete commercial package. However, if you are in the hair growth stage, watching your hair grow can begin to feel like watching molasses stream out of the jar.

It’s time to throw out your jar of molasses and consider picking up a box of Aviva Hair Revitalizer. Aviva is a new hair revitalizer with a proprietary formulation that stimulates hair’s growth cycle with the claim of creating visible results in as little as 30 days. Since I am one of those molasses-watching women, BeautyStat.com’s invitation to review the product came at the perfect time.

Hopefully within the next year, I will reach my goal of growing my hair half-way down my back while maintaining its health and adding to its thickness. After taking pre-natal vitamins for a year with the addition of Biotin for the latter six of those months, I thought it would be interesting to compare my hair growth and health results between those vitamins and Aviva.

Aviva is a dietary supplement that is 100% drug free. The extra strength pink, soft gel pills are easy to digest. Their proprietary dual complex formulation stimulates healthy hair growth from within and revitalizes the hair’s DNA while working with your natural hair growth cycle. You can visit www.avivahair.com to learn more including images and stories from women of various age and ethnic groups.

Aviva supplements come in a beautiful, sturdy and cleverly designed white box with its signature hot pink band. The box is easy to open and store in your cabinet or on a shelf. You can take the individual packets out and put them in your purse or travel bag. The box clearly prints the usage instructions that are easy to read and follow. Their inside pamphlet provides you with in-depth, information about their product, including its innovative scientific formulation, and the three stage of hair growth. The insert is so well done, I actually read it in its entirety.

They recommend using the supplements for three to six months to achieve optimum results. My supplement-testing period currently spans seven weeks. At the start, my hair hovered at my collarbone in front and just above my shoulder blades in the back. Right now, it is past both points. My hair is getting both longer and thicker from crown to tip which is great because my hair tends to be thicker just in the crown area. During this testing period, I intentionally did not trim my hair (way overdue). However, I believe that keeping my ends trimmed while taking this supplement will definitely help.

Aviva is a premium product, but if you can work it into your budget; I strongly recommend that you try it too. I calculated the price of my pre-natal and Biotin vitamins versus the investment in Aviva and there is not doubt that Aviva’s results outpace the money spent on the other two.

Your commercial fantasies can come true – even if you only act them out in the privacy of your bathroom in the mirror. If you want your hair to grow faster, increase in thickness and health, Aviva is your answer.



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