Beauty Review: AdoraTherapy Gals on the Go Mood Boost

The advent of holistic lifestyle brands seem to increasingly pervade the beauty industry. Now, ADORATherapy™ is making bold moves to make holistic, aromatherapy fragrance and beauty products mainstream. I think the timing is synergistic with the evolution of women’s consciousness. Adora Winquist, Founder and Formulator, says that “the essence of her new Gals on the Go Mood Boost™ Collection is to help women smell great and mirror the self-expression in the highest form.”

Adora has broken these forms into seven categories in the Gals on the Go Mood Boost. The 10ml fragrances (perfect for your purse and briefcase) represent today’s woman in exquisitely and stylishly illustrated packages for the fashion-minded woman. The sprays are uniquely formulated as their labels imply: Seductive, Beautiful, Smart, Balanced, Inspired, Awake and Peaceful. Each package design emulates the characteristics of the woman who wears that particular scent.

I tested the Smart scent with an aromatherapy blend of lemon and grapefruit top notes compliments of The product claims to enhance concentration, energize, refresh and cleanse the senses. After testing this on and off over a ten day period I observed my reaction to the scent. I loved the lightness of the scent. It was a strong, but not overwhelming, burst of pure aroma. I am used to a light perfume that I can “feel” for awhile. Although the scent lasts for hours, I missed smelling whiffs of it throughout the day as I do my other perfume. I am a woman with both skin and smell sensitivities and this fragrance was perfect for me. It is eloquently blended and pure. I could reapply it throughout the day without it feeling heavy and layered. Oh yeah, I had several men smell my wrist and “Smart” was a hit with them too. In fact, these men were perceptive enough to pick up the base scents.

Although I am not blonde like the woman featured in the package illustration, the leopard coat hit the perfect high note to capture my smart energy. Plus, my IQ points may have taken a bit of a jump up. If you want to support a brand that is in tune with women’s needs and a holistic approach to balancing the mind, body and spirit, try one of the Gals on the Go Mood Boost™ Collection. In fact, try them all. We women are multi-faceted so feel free to match the scent to your mood of the moment and/or day.



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