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Modern Monday – Bedroom

Modern Monday seduces us with a glamorous master bedroom that combines transitional elements with Midcentury modern pieces with lots of stylish lines and luscious textiles. Of course the grandiose + elegant chandelier takes center stage, but give that sculpture in the left-hand corner its due too. Light, lines and bursts of subdued color make this […]

Exclusive Million Dollar Listing Lifestyle Experience

Million dollar listings seem to be far more frequent in today’s national real estate marketplace. Each listing, especially in certain parts of the country, requires a unique approach to market the listing to the industry and affluent buyers. It is essential to differientiate it from the other multi-million dollar listings vying for buyers. Establishing this […]

Don’t Call it a Gala if it is a Picnic

Recently a former client demanded that I label their inaugural event a gala. I wouldn’t. The event that they sought out my expertise to design was an introduction to their non-profit. A celebration of their one-year anniversary that coincided with the upcoming launch of their new performance season. The event’s purpose was to enrich existing […]

Arizona Cocktail Week, CCAP and Nine Degrees North Hospitality

It was a blast! The 2017 Arizona Cocktail Week nestled in a hip, mid-century modern boutique hotel shrouded in pal trees, grass and flowers in Scottsdale, AZ. This was my first time at the event, now in its sixth year, enjoying new friendships, learning about new liquors and hearing stories from people in the libations […]

Modern Holiday Tree Vignettes

It’s that time of year that you have unspoken permission to decorate in excess. For those with a modern aesthetic, there are many new fun options to select from to create an entire space or vignettes that reflect your individual interpretation of the holidays. For some reason (perhaps because I’m a tree hugger), trees grab […]

10 Tips for Behaving Like a Gracious Guest

The tables are set with beautiful centerpieces, the candles are lit, a welcome drink is awaiting you at the door and the music is pulsing with the party beat. The thrill of walking into a party still makes people’s heart beat. Invitations to personal or business events connote an element of importance, favor and acceptance. […]

Tabletop Tuesday – Black + White Pop Art

Tabletop Tuesday features this black and white place setting with a mix of geometric shapes, diagonal lines, modern flatware and black glassware. The pink flowers in a white vase pop off this black linen. The presentation is like a canvas of dynamic pop art. Beauty is the perfect start to a delicious meal. Decorate boldly. […]

Wallpapers’ Bold Floral Bouquets Fused with Fashion

As the season transitions to colder temperatures and stems retract into the soil, our thirst for vibrant arrangements of luscious flowers seems to intensify. Our affinity for year-round blooms is represented in the latest designs featured in both the interior and fashion industries. A bold, big floral bouquet creates its own vocabulary of style, vibrant color and shapes. […]