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Blue Notes: Interior Design Trend Inspiration

Blues form the colors of the sea and sky. In some way, they ground us. Soothe our souls. The dimensions and layers of blues in a crystal clear ocean are breathtaking. The midnight navy of the sky is spellbinding. This season offers a spectrum of blues to incorporate into your home from original art to […]

How to Add Fine Art to Your Workspace

Art is a representation of the human experience. It takes us through the spectrum of human emotions from laughter to anger; despair to hope. It taps our intellect by questioning or reinforcing our beliefs. It possesses the power to ignite our creativity and expand our view of the world. Art frames our perspective of the […]

Commercial Office Design Notes

How do you transform a space filled with fairly common colors, odd-shaped rooms, mismatched and traditional furniture into a contemporary haven of professionalism and fun? Here are my design notes on how to do just that. Reception Change this traditional reception desk into a show-stopper statement piece of furniture and leave the back wall open […]

Return to Our Roots – Spring 2015 Home + Fashion Trends

Spring 2015 color and style trends in fashion and interiors showcase a return to our roots as individuals and collectively as a global community. Designs reflect a connection to our ancestral and adoptive cultures while creating a new imprint that reflects our current times. After reviewing a dazzling selection of this season’s trend items (which […]

10 New Year’s Eve Glam Decor Ideas

It just seems like the clock turned on 2014 and now it is time for the annual ruckus of ringing in a new year – in style. As with any party, select your party color scheme and theme and rock the details from there. Here are 10 ideas for banners, bars, balloons, party hats, pop-ups, […]

Current Obsession: Bar Carts

My current obsession is bar carts. This strikes me as a bit odd since I didn’t grow up in a house with a bar, never stocked a full bar in any house I’ve owned and have never been a big alcohol drinker. But I gotta say, wine is always welcome and I drool over beautifully […]

Beauty Review: Key West Aloe’s Gentle Aloe Facial Cleanser

My Aloe vera plant is probably my most coveted succulent. It is always the prefect solution for my rare moments of sun sinning, breakouts, nicks and scratches. My regard for aloe’s seemingly endless self-repairing and healing properties is not unique. For thousands of years, Aloe vera has been a coveted commodity across continents and civilizations. […]

It All Started with Him

It all started with him. It happened on a quintessential Southern California Saturday morning. In front of me in line at a bank, was a tall, slender man in his late ‘50’s, with piercing green eyes punctuated by his rich olive skin. He wore a monochromatic grey casual fitness attire accessorized with eyeglasses on a […]

AHAVA Dead Sea Osmoter™ Concentrate

Weather transitions are the forerunner to skin transitions. Summer’s wind down began simultaneously with the testing period of AHAVA Dead Sea Osmoter™ Concentrate. This serum is designed to boost moisture and radiance. I wanted to find out if it really works and how my skin would respond since skin transitions coincide with weather changes. Every […]