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10 Interior Design Trends for 2016

Every year I read several publications’ annual predictions for the interior and fashion industries. This year, I decided to compile my own list of 10 design considerations that mimic cultural shifts plus ones that I would like to move forward. Pastel Palettes Pantone named two colors, Rose Quartz and Serenity, for the 2016 Color of […]

14 Modern Fireplaces for Your Space

It’s an ideal remedy for a chilly climate, melancholy mood and romantic rendezvous. A fire serves as a necessary and desirable feature in our lives from the moments on the beach to huddling around a hearth in sub zero temperatures.  Fireplaces as a home feature vary according to regions, environment (wood-burning bans), design styles and […]

Gold + Glam + Glitter

A new year often brings our focus to modify our inner and outer spaces.  We look for insight to clearly light our new path.  We certainly look to light to illuminate our spaces. Designers make lighting for a variety of tastes from reserved to bold.  I tend to the bold side of life, so this collection of lighting caught my […]

Gianfranco Ferré: The Ultimate White Shirt Designer

Perhaps your mother shared the same advice with you as mine did with me; always have a white shirt in your closet.  My white shirts – T-shirts to blouses – have come to my rescue a few times throughout the years.  A woman’s individualized pronouncement of a white shirt and its many roles became Italian […]

5 Fall Fab Home Fashion Pics

It’s that time of the year when the leaves and temperature chill to a slight crisp. It’s the perfect time to switch out our wardrobes and home decor. Dressing up your interiors to accommodate the colors, mood and temperature of fall involves some simple solutions. Here is my list of five fall favorites: Color Pops […]

10 Modern Tile Trends To Get Right Now

Its alluring and mesmerizing artistic details and designs flow like the rhythm of well-penned prose. Tile adorns ancient and contemporary residential and commercial architecture, both on the exterior and interior, around the globe. Tile design details aesthetically translate cultural nuances and uniqueness. Tile dazzles doorways and punctuates walls like symmetrical sculptures or abstract paintings. Ancient […]

9 Ways to Dramafy Your Ceiling

When is the last time you looked up at your ceilings? Are they plain white? Do they feature an outdated painted motif? Or, heaven forbid, are they still popping corn? Ceilings are such a fabulous, untouched surface in most spaces when they could be a crown jewel of style and design to frame your rooms. […]

10 Contemporary, Curvy Chairs

Curves lead the eyes on meandering journeys of fluid seduction in the design of cars, clothing, furniture and a variety of other products. They emit a soothing energy which is one reason why they are a coveted design detail. Curved furniture and accessories add visual interest to a room and will balance any angular, sharp lines […]