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Get in the MOOD

Its elegance, simplicity and polished gold dome certainly will capture your attention along with a luminous reflection. MOOD by Christofle is a stunning, yet enigmatic object that easily commands the center of any shelf, counter or table. What’s in MOOD? It is an elliptical masterpiece that secretly houses a collection of gold flatware for six (dinner […]

Trending Now: Graffiti’s New Stage is in Your Bathroom

Graffiti has come a long way from its rebellious moniker peppering gritty, urban landscapes of trains and buildings. It has transcended its shady past to become the feature design element of a limited series collection by Aquabrass. The Graffiti tub is one of three free-standing, hand-painted  products under the KANVAS ™  collection. The tubs are fabricated […]

Bedtime Stories: Children’s Furniture Trends

Let’s face it. No child wants to hear the phrase “time for bed.”  It seems to become the universal cue for extended needs; e.g., glasses of water, a pre-bed snack, sprints around the house and/or one more story. Sound familiar? Well, these new beds and space chair may be your answer to shut down the […]

Trending Now: Organic Shaped Bathroom Hardware

Most artists pay homage to nature as their ultimate design influence and inspiration source. As a lover of all things originating in nature; organic shapes, textures and patterns always excite my spirit. These attributes are the core of this new collection of bathroom hardware grabbed that brings the outside in with elegance and simplicity. These […]

A Summer Superfood Indulgence

Summer heat seems to increase our appetite for treats such as ice cream, yogurt and other sometime unhealthy tastes.  I am a proponent of eating food that both fuels and nourishes you with as much guilt-free, satisfying taste.  If you share this philosophy, then you probably consume superfoods often.  Superfoods are nutritionally dense foods that […]

Modern + Sustainable Wood Floors

Floors establish the comfort, functionality and style in a space. They can serve as the unifying back drop or the focal point of a room. Ultimately, we desire our floors to look beautiful, feel comfortable and perform for the long-term. Over the past few years, the flooring industry has expanded past tile and carpet to manufacture […]

A Tour: Eames Case Study House #8

We all have a concept of our life. An idea of how we would like to live. The concept of this idea is how the Eames Case Study House #8 came into existence. Before we chat about the house, let’s acknowledge the designers and inhabitants. The Eames are undeniably one of the most powerful design […]

Murad Rapid Lightening Regimen Product Review

They show up for various reasons such as sun damage, aging, hormonal imbalances, genetics, inflammation and scarring. Dark spots are the enemy for anyone who wants a smooth, even skin tone. Let’s face it, clear, smooth skin is the pinnacle of skin conditioning that many of us aspire to achieve. It is a state of  freedom. […]

Meeting the Design Icon: Chapter II with Vladimir Kagan

We met during life transitions. Vladimir Kagan was officially retired and delving into some collaborative design arrangements in a different industry sector such as the one he had with my boss giorgio. At that time, I was contemplating leaving my cush Fortune 500 life to honor the creative side of my being. This is when […]