AHAVA Dead Sea Osmoter™ Concentrate

Weather transitions are the forerunner to skin transitions. Summer’s wind down began simultaneously with the testing period of AHAVA Dead Sea Osmoter™ Concentrate. This serum is designed to boost moisture and radiance. I wanted to find out if it really works and how my skin would respond since skin transitions coincide with weather changes.

Every woman wants the double benefits of extra moisture to ward off wrinkles and a more radiant hue to make sleepless nights unnoticeable. It is all possible with this product by applying it underneath your moisturizer during your morning routine and underneath your night cream before bedtime.

AHAVA is an internationally respected brand with skin and body products formulated with the miraculous properties of Dead Sea ingredients. I’ve used their bath and body products for years and was instantly comfortable and trusting of this new serum compliments of BeautyStat.com.

My use of AHAVA’s Dead Sea Osmoter™ Concentrate was over a three-week period. Summer’s dry and high temperatures definitely zapped my skin’s moisture. Thankfully, this serum instantly replenished the moisture. In fact, my skin immediately absorbed it like a ShamWOW towel. During this testing period, a few people randomly commented on my skin’s radiance (their unsolicited words). I saw the difference too, although it wasn’t a huge transformation. Lastly, I broke out while using this product. Thankfully, I rarely break out and the only thing that changed about my skin and life routine was this product. Thus, I am zeroing in it as the culprit for my new, unwanted blemishes. Overall, my use and results substantiate this product’s moisture and radiance boosting claims.

That confirmation led me to realize that I like and respect the product despite some of my unmet expectations. At first, I didn’t like that I couldn’t feel the moisture beyond its application. That is when it hit me. My skin is responding to the product, but I don’t necessarily see or feel a dramatic difference. What I discovered is that my skin care product preference skews towards products that deliver moisture and radiant boosts that I can see and feel. If you don’t have a similar preference and want the results of AHAVA’s Dead Sea Osmoter™ Concentrate, then definitely try it. For me, it was great to try and one that I like. However, I don’t love it; and for that reason I doubt it will end up as part of my normal skin care routine.

Note: This item was provided for review courtesy of www.beautystat.com.


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