Modern Monday: Grey + Brass

Modern Monday features geometric lighting that makes an artistic and metallic statement in one configuration. Notice the monochromatic paint on the ceiling and walls. This room is a reminder that functional items can easily serve multiple roles in your space.

Tabletop Tuesday – Black + White Pop Art

Tabletop Tuesday features this black and white place setting with a mix of geometric shapes, diagonal lines, modern flatware and black glassware. The pink flowers in a white vase pop off this black linen. The presentation is like a canvas of dynamic pop art.

Beauty is the perfect start to a delicious meal. Decorate boldly. Eat consciously.


Wallpapers’ Bold Floral Bouquets Fused with Fashion

As the season transitions to colder temperatures and stems retract into the soil, our thirst for vibrant arrangements of luscious flowers seems to intensify. Our affinity for year-round blooms is represented in the latest designs featured in both the interior and fashion industries.

A bold, big floral bouquet creates its own vocabulary of style, vibrant color and shapes. The most interesting seem to meander without formal structure or symmetry. These same floral arrangement patterns transfer to the latest floral wallpaper motifs. As a beauty bonus, this blog coordinates wallpaper with fall fashion.Plus you will learn how to decorate your space with a feature floral wall.

Monochromatic Wallpaper Bouquets

A monochromatic color pattern features one dominant color and can include derivatives and close complements to that color. Most floral wallpaper motifs include one bold flower or repetitious prints, literal and abstract, of a small bouquet. Roses and poppies are common preferences on a white background. Monochromatic themes allow you to easily repeat the patterns in upholstery on a chair, pillows or drapes.




Pastel Wallpaper Bouquets

Another option to incorporate a bold pattern is to soften the palette. In these examples, one type of flower is repeated in a large scale image and the others are a series of smaller flowers presented in fresh, contemporary watercolors. The end result is both striking and easy on the eyes. If you incorporate pastel floral wallpaper, you can extract the most prominent color for foundational pieces such as sofas, loveseats, chaises or rugs to create some balance.




Assorted Jewel-Tone Wallpaper Bouquets

Vibrant colors are the cold season’s antidote for sunny, happy days. These jewel-toned floral bouquets designs will make your walls sing with bold strokes of color in an array of exotic flowers. The following wallpaper images dance with unstructured bouquets filled with pink, fuschia, azure, orange and red with luscious lime and avocado colored leaves. These types of statement prints pair well with solid colored furniture with smooth lines upholstered in velvet, suede, cotton and other tightly woven textiles.

floral walls Dolce & Gabbana dress





Dark Color Wallpaper Bouquets

In tandem with the black wall trend, black serves as the canvas for contemporary arrangement selections of tulips, roses, poppies and more along with designs reminiscent Renaissance era floral paintings. Black with pinks and reds seem to be the most prevalent motifs. The contrasts will make metallic accessories in lighting, accessories and furniture hardware really pop. You can also just repeat black in your furniture and leave the patterns to the walls and rugs.


img_3539 img_3644


The rules for living a distinctive modern life continue to adapt to people’s desire to customize every inch of their spaces.

Remember, if you can’t match your drapes, you can now match your wallpaper.

New + Next: Custom Tabletop Design Services

A beautifully decorated table is the foundation for celebrating friends and family over delicious food and libations. Even though every meal is an opportunity to surround yourself in beauty, the holiday season is perfect for time for showcasing a sensational table.

It is as easy as commissioning me to create a custom setting.

I can create designs utilizing your dinnerware, flatware, serviceware and glassware or I can bring in a completely new ensemble with accessories customized to your casual or formal tastes.

Let’s begin the process to reserve your commissioned table design today. It’s easy, just click here. Inquire about multiple event packages.

Remember, that chef led meals and custom menus with service staff are also a part of my cultured, culinary experiences services.


Please follow and like my profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see my original tabletop design ideas every Tuesday for Tabletop Tuesday. The image below kicks off the campaign.


Graffiti Glam Event Recap

It was a huge success! We had glamorous people and products at the Graffiti Glam: From Urban Grit to Upscale Glam event held on October 6th hosted at Central Arizona Supply.

Thank you to all of our sponsors and participants including Central Arizona Supply, Aquabrass, Refine Rustic, Clay Zapian, Sweet Escape, Jasmine Christine Photography and break dance crew Pocket Change. Modern Luxury Interiors Scottsdale featured these products in their latest issue.

Here are some images and videos recapping the celebration of graffiti art in interior design:

NOTE: Most photographs are the copyright of Jasmine Christine Photography.

Enjoy these snippets of Pocket Change’s break dance performances:

Visit (and like) @YvetteCraddockDesigns on Facebook for behind-the-scenes stories including images and videos.

Group Dining Etiquette from Bars to Buffets

One of our greatest joys is to celebrate life moments surrounded by food and friends. Whether we celebrate casually or formally, good manners are essential. After designing and working hundreds of events from restaurants to large group functions, I’m inspired to share some key dining etiquette tips to make sure everyone enjoys both food and friends:

Appetizer Platters or Offerings

Appetizer platters at restaurants or bars usually come with some side plates, utensils and napkins. What is usually missing is a serving utensil. If this is the case and you have a large group, ask for a serving utensil or designate one clean utensil that the entire group can use for food service.

Here’s a real story to help illustrate this point. There was a group of professionals, including an ER physician, who met up to enjoy some libations and appetizers including a large bowl of guacamole. When the guacamole bowl arrived, the ER doctor dug into the guacamole with his fingers and knuckles to scoop up a large portion for his plate. Do you still have your appetite? Probably not. Listen, we love our friends, but there is a limit to what we should and can accept when serving ourselves in a group. Let’s keep the spirit of celebration high with equally high etiquette and sanitation standards for everyone.

Passed Hors D’oeuvres

Passed hors d’oeuvres, aka appetizers, give guests a range of tastes with a traditional touch of semi-personal service. Some passed hors d’oeuvres are offered on a stick and/or with an accompanying dip. It is acceptable to pick up the food with your hands and use the provided utensil to drizzle the dip over the food. At times, it may make sense to skip the utensil and just dip your food directly into the dish. Remember, if you touch it, it is yours!

If you choose to partake of these types of hors d’oeuvres, please note that it is not appropriate to put your used stick on the serving platter after consuming the food or double dip your food in the accompanying condiment. If you put your stick back on the serving platter, you’ve contaminated the entire platter and the rest of the food for other guests. Therefore it is best to keep your sticks to yourself, find a trash receptacle or wait for a server to come your way to gather your trash. This action shows respect and courteous to yourself, guests, host and servers. Contaminated food must be thrown out which could possibly impact the event food supply.

Family Style Dinners

Family style dinners are the type of dining experience that most often happen during holidays. Families and friends sit around a large table to enjoy an abundant banquet of food. The family sits down to eat and the passing of bowls and platters commences. When a platter arrives at your seat, please use the serving utensil and take a moderate portion to ensure that everyone at the table has an opportunity to enjoy each dish. You can always scoop up seconds once the platters circulate.

By the way, always pass to your immediate right first. Yes, the proper way was to pass from your left but this practice has been modernized with counterclockwise movement.

A few other rules of thumb include 1) turn your head and pass food along if you have to sneeze or cough, 2) continue passing if it is not what you desire as long as your guest to your right has free hands to accept the dish and 3) position platters as close to the center of the table to keep food as conveniently accessible to all and uncontaminated as possible.


Ah, the allure of a buffet; all-you-can-eat dining customized to your palate. Buffets are wonderful ways to feed a large group of people in cascading courses and order. However, there are some necessary refreshers to enjoy the buffet while keeping the food safe for you and your fellow event attendees.

  • Use the provided utensils. Do NOT put your fingers, hands, personal utensils or other items in a platter to portion your food.
  • Once you pack your plate, move away from the area. Do not eat or talk over the food or stand next to the buffet blocking the flow. Be excited to see someone, but move the party away from the line.
  • If food falls out of the serving utensils, leave it where it is. Do not put that food back into the serving vessel or on your plate.
  • Try to avoid spilling one type of food into another type’s platter.
  • Avoid placing your trash, dirty plates, glassware or trash on the buffet by the food the group is accessing to eat. Frankly it is gross and tacky. My bet is that neither one of these are your style.
  • If you are short on space, make sure that the buffet is kept away and separate from places where people may eat. For instance, I was at an event where the food was served on the dining room table which was dressed with chairs. Since there was limited seating throughout the space, people choose to sit around the table thus, sitting directly over the food. Well, people sitting at the table were eating, breathing and talking over these platters of food which made the entire set up both unsafe and inappropriate, Keep serving and dining areas separate unless it is a family style dinner.
  • Food needs to be kept at a certain temperature to be safe. Therefore, food on a buffet needs to be rotated to keep the good eats flowing while retaining the integrity of the food.

Although these tips may seem like common sense, these are actual behaviors witnessed by people from all backgrounds, age groups, social structures and education levels. My recommendation for hosts is to hire professional caterers and servers who maintain the quality and integrity of the food in order to prevent unnecessary illness that can arise from the innocent mishandling of food. If you are attending an event, then please do your part and bring back class to these types of celebrations.

Cheers. Bon appétit!

P.S. Wash your hands first and other great reminders delivered in a humorous manner can be found in this video.