10 Interior Design Trends for 2016

Every year I read several publications’ annual predictions for the interior and fashion industries. This year, I decided to compile my own list of 10 design considerations that mimic cultural shifts plus ones that I would like to move forward.

Pastel Palettes

Pantone named two colors, Rose Quartz and Serenity, for the 2016 Color of the Year – an unprecedented move on the color giant’s part.  These colors are the exact opposite of last year’s Marsala, a deep burgundy hue.  In my opinion, these softer tones reflect the fragile, uncertain  state of humanity. The gemstone rose quartz is a symbol of love and blue is the anthem for calm. These two patels beckon a call to calmer, quieter times. In times of extreme violence and uncertainty, people seek peaceful environments and engage in more stress releasing activities such as yoga. Decorating with these colors will bring a soothing energy to your space.

Warm Metals

Rose gold emerged as the top metallic color of 2015.  Some think that its trend patina will fade, however; it, along with brass and copper, are showing staying power. In fact, metallic colors are becoming the new neutrals.  Black and gold are still popular, timeless options. This year, I believe that we will see more matte metallic finishes plus the mixing of metals in tone and finish (matte to shiny). Super shiny finishes, especially in silver,  for furniture and accessories will decline. Matte black kitchen appliances, like cars,  will spike on the trend radar.

Organic Shapes

The influence of more organic, geometric and curved shapes and materials (from the woods to the water) will continue to surface and become a preference over generic, linear lines. More reclaimed wood furniture will appear on the luxury end of the spectrum as will sustainable textiles. This trend correlates closely to the first one in regards to our pursuit of tranquility and comfort through the grounding and healing effect of nature.

Layered Patterns

One way for people to quickly change the look of their space is through patterned accessories. Pattern mixing is either a rhythmic composition of melodic playfulness and/or a harmonic juxtaposition of shapes, colors, scale and texture.  With some risk-taking artistry, you can create a big wow factor with a monochromatic palette, a metallic mix of matte to satin or a complex color/pattern combo to create vivid design stories.

The ’70’s

My favorite era, the lost days of disco, retains its staying power.  The furniture and design from this period was often bright, uniquely shaped and comprised of bold and daring patterns.  Sound familiar? We continue our lust for this high-voltage period with new interpretations of popular pieces and limited edition designs . The prices for furniture from this area continue to climb.  The innovation from this period continues to inform the world’s contemporary designers.

Custom Combos

In an effort to break free  from cookie-cutter decor, as well as lifestyles, an increasing number of people will embrace life with boldness.  This means, seeking high-style across all price points and combining styles, colors, textures that relate to their distinct personalities. I also see more people taking risks with their homes, owned or rented, to personalize their space. Another portion of this trend is the continuing thirst for unusual architecture which is driving desire, and pricing, for mid-century modern homes as well as furniture.  Although the catalog look is still popular, people are putting their own spins on the pages of their space by mixing design genres and styles to create their own.

Fashion Infusion

The latest fashion directions are finally exciting again.  Sculptured designs are strong in shape yet  graceful when interpreted in pastels.  A broad selection of color is laying the foundation for original patterns in complicated, visually riveting combinations These influences are slowly seeping into interior design.  I am seeing more independent designers reimagining pieces with the eye of  fashion designer through their selection of patterns, colors and finishing details.


A new generation of microdwellings are fueling ideas for multifunctional space usage and furniture design.  Some of these terrific ideas are so enticing that they are being adapted to suit larger spaces.

Made in…

Although China has dominated global manufacturing for decades, there is a continuing resurgence to return manufacturing to the United States or explore opportunities in Mexico and India. The made in and by story is emerging in importance. Stay tuned to these developments.

Quality vs. Quantity

People seek more artisan decor for uniqueness and quality of craftsmanship.  This mindset is always driving more people to purge the junk in order to splurge on one coveted, special item.  People want engaging and exciting shopping experiences and in return will pay for quality merchandise. As their appetite for poor to mediocre mass merchandise decreases, we will continue to see larger retail chains decline and a resurgence in shopping in locally-owned boutiques and continued patronage to specialty online purveyors. Remember, the story and experience are the keys to success.




Image credits (left-to-right; top-to-bottom): A Blissful Nest, Adara, Lemonoosh, House of Blu, David Adjaye for Knoll, MyDomaine,  Gaetayo Sciolari,  Room Decor, Clei, Aphro Chic Kilims, Etro


14 Modern Fireplaces for Your Space

It’s an ideal remedy for a chilly climate, melancholy mood and romantic rendezvous. A fire serves as a necessary and desirable feature in our lives from the moments on the beach to huddling around a hearth in sub zero temperatures.  Fireplaces as a home feature vary according to regions, environment (wood-burning bans), design styles and property value. Today’s technology and architectural designs allow for options beyond traditional wall, wood-burning units to include electric and ventless options.

A traditional fireplace has a few consistent features such as a hearth and mantle which are continually being redefined through design in modern interiors. You can mount a fireplace to your wall, incorporate glass and other materials around it (depending on construction) and center it in the middle of a room.

If you are considering a home with a fireplace, remodeling your existing one or building a custom space, here are a few globally-inspired design options that can define your space and bring you joyful flames.

modernfireplacemetainteriorstravertinefp modernfireplaceblackclassyhome modernfireplacebuzzfeed  modernfireplacemycyfimodernfireplaceglass boley-inbouw-speciaal-123541ModernFPVerticalModernFPMC



 Right click images for image sources (labeled when available).

Fireplaces, especially wood-burning units, require ongoing maintenance for functional and safety reasons. It is important to make sure that everything is in working order prior to fireplace season beginning.  This document provides safety tips for your review.

Gold + Glam + Glitter

A new year often brings our focus to modify our inner and outer spaces.  We look for insight to clearly light our new path.  We certainly look to light to illuminate our spaces.

Designers make lighting for a variety of tastes from reserved to bold.  I tend to the bold side of life, so this collection of lighting caught my eye. These pieces are from a collection of  gold and brass designs that bring a lot of glam and glitter to your space.  Enjoy this overview of statement lighting styles for transitional, modern and contemporary interiors and tips. First, let’s start with scaling for size.


Determining the size of a lighting fixture is simple. Just add the room dimensions together and represent that answer into inches. For example, if you have a 10′ x 10′ room, then the ideal lighting diameter is 20″.   Next, consider the height of your ceilings along with the functionality of a room.  The idea is to avoid having the chandelier appear to small or hang too low.

When installing sconces, it is important to consider the length and height of the wall and the furniture that the sconces might anchor in order to place these fixtures in a balanced space.


Waterfalls are simultaneously dramatic and graceful. Those characteristics are infused into the chandelier and pendant fabricated with brass and ribbed glass tubes.  The tubes reflect light and add that distinct touch of glamour and glitz with the natural element of grace.

waterfall-chandelier-01 luxxuchandelierroomwaterfall-pendant-01

McQueen Throne

These lighting fixtures are inspired by the deceased British fashion designer Alexander McQueen’s eccentric imagination and majestic style. The hammered brass and gold plated  flowers are kissed with butterscotch-colored Swarovski crystal centers.


Empire State of Mind

The Empire style is a cascading chandelier with descending sizes of gold brass and crystals. The pendant and scone round out this collection. A fun lighting design feature that I’ve employed is to install multiple pendants at different lengths to create volume and visual interest in a room.




This year is deemed to be a year of grand, bold proclamations and achievements. Let this type of energy surround you internally and externally.

The lighting featured here is available to the trade. Please contact me for purchase inquiries.