10 New Year’s Eve Glam Decor Ideas

It just seems like the clock turned on 2014 and now it is time for the annual ruckus of ringing in a new year – in style. As with any party, select your party color scheme and theme and rock the details from there. Here are 10 ideas for banners, bars, balloons, party hats, pop-ups, photo booth backdrops, to add some extra glam to your celebration. Bring on 2015!


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Image credits from top to bottom: ShopSweetLouLou.com, Anthropologie, Artesenias on Etsy, Forrent.com, Jensullivan.com, Hautechocolate.ca, Girlinspired.com, Bloglovin.com, Notonthehighstreet.com.

Current Obsession: Bar Carts

My current obsession is bar carts. This strikes me as a bit odd since I didn’t grow up in a house with a bar, never stocked a full bar in any house I’ve owned and have never been a big alcohol drinker. But I gotta say, wine is always welcome and I drool over beautifully sculpted alcohol bottles. They remind me of oversized bottles of perfume, but ones that contain drinkable liquid. OK, back to the obsession.

Bar carts were super hot during the ‘50’s house, cocktail party days when nightly martinis were all the rage with family, friends and colleagues. They even showed up in offices. People used them back then and today to show off their collection of exquisite Scotches, Whiskeys, gin, decanters and glassware. It is equally about presentation and functionality.

About five years ago, they started making a comeback and now vintage and contemporary designs are finding new floorspace in homes. People are using bar carts for obvious namesake functionality as well as placing them as side tables and a credenza for other types of accessories like flowers, a few books, a bowl of snacks, ceramic or glass figurines, etc. Hey, make it what you want.

Here are some of my favorites to give you some ideas. I’m currently on a mission to find a really cool vintage one that I can pimp out. If, or when I do, I’ll be sure to share my version of a roving chic cart of beautiful bottles, libations and other fabulous decorations.

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